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    How to Use a Multi Gas Detector?

    The multi gas detector is a portable detector that can detect a variety of toxic, harmful, flammable and explosive gases, and can simultaneously detect toxic gases such as combustible gas, oxygen, carbon monoxide, hydrogen sulfide, VOC, and carbon dioxide. Here, ATO will tell you how to use the portable explosion-proof multi-gas detector correctly.Handheld gas detector

    • Before using it for the first time, it should be ensured that the gas detector has been calibrated before leaving the factory (as a qualified manufacturer, the monitor has been set according to the detection requirements before leaving the factory, and it is not necessary to set it by itself. It can be used only when it is turned on in clean air). The gas detector should be calibrated every six months or a year depending on the frequency of use and on-site working conditions.
    • Ensure sufficient power. Avoid automatic shutdown due to insufficient power during use (it can be charged when the power is almost exhausted and needs to be turned off when charging. One charge is sufficient for four or five hours, and it can be used continuously for 10-15 hours). Press and hold the power/confirm button for a few seconds, wait for the gas detector to turn on, after the warm-up time is up, and make sure its reading is stable.
    • After wearing the corresponding protective measures, enter a small confined space for work, and connect the hose to the filter for use. Accurate detection of personnel before entering. Fix the back clip of the multi gas detector on the belt at a safe concentration, or hold it in your hand, and then enter the detection area for detection.
    • After the gas detector alarms, the personnel in the area should be evacuated immediately, and then the professionals should enter after forced ventilation for at least half an hour to check the cause of the abnormal gas concentration exceeding the standard again.
    • After the detection, let the gas detector reading automatically drop to 0 or close to 0 in clean air, return to the main page and then shut down. (Note: The concentration of oxygen (O2) in the air is 20.93% VOL, and the concentration of carbon dioxide (CO2) is about 400-600ppm).
    • To record the alarm data, enter the data storage page, open the data storage (the storage interval can be adjusted from 5 to 3600s), and the technician should store the time of the corresponding alarm location in time, which can be exported to the computer for viewing.

    The above is the correct use of the portable multi gas detector. 4 gas and 5 gas multi gas detectors are available on Compact gas detector is easy to operate and carry. The screen can be turned 180 degrees and displayed, and the menu operation interface in Chinese and English can be used by customers in different industries.

    It is should be noted that when testing personnel, there should be more than two people, one person operating, the other person monitoring and maintaining a certain distance, and it is strictly forbidden to work alone. The use of the gas detector must comply with the testing requirements and testing method standards.

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