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    How to Use Handheld Metal Detector?

    The handheld metal detector is a high-performance hand-held metal detector specially designed for security. Compared with traditional detectors, the special design of the working surface of the detection area of ​​the metal detector has a large detection area, fast scanning speed and high sensitivity. The shell is made of ABS engineering plastic at one time, which has the characteristics of strong resistance, fine workmanship, lightweight and easy to carry. It can detect all kinds of metal objects hidden in the human body, including jewelry, electrical components, etc.

    Handheld metal detector

    How to use a handheld metal detector?

    • Turn on the power switch and hear a "click" sound, indicating that the power has been connected, and the green light is on at the same time. If the green light is not on, it means that the battery is not installed or the battery is not in good contact. If the sound is continuous or the vibration is continuous, it means that the battery can no longer be used and should be replaced with a new battery.
    • Sound and vibration conversion switch selection: press the red button switch, the alarm mode is vibration. Release the red button switch, the alarm mode is sound.
    • After turning on the power, you can perform high-sensitivity detection. Hold the handle and scan the detection surface around the object under test. When there is a metal object, an alarm sound or vibration will be issued. At the same time, the green light will turn into red light; stop scanning, The alarm sound or vibration will stop immediately, and the red light will turn into green light.
    • Low-sensitivity test: If you need to exclude small objects from metal objects, you can press and hold the low-sensitivity switch. Sweep around the object under test, and when there is a metal object, it will send out an alarm sound or vibration, and at the same time, the green light will turn into a red light; stop scanning, and the sound or vibration will stop, and the red light will turn into a green light. Because at this time the sensitivity is reduced by more than 5 times. Therefore, what is measured at this time are generally relatively large metal objects.

    How to adjust the sensitivity of a handheld metal detector?

    • If the detection distance does not meet the specified requirements or the sensitivity is too high to cause instability or make sound or vibration even when there is no metal detection on the human body, sensitivity adjustment should be performed.
    • Put the sound and vibration switch in the "release" state, use a small flat-head screwdriver to go in through the small hole on the handle of the detector and turn it clockwise until it makes a sound, and then turn it counterclockwise until it just stops making a sound Then turn it counterclockwise for half a circle until the sensitivity meets the requirements.
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