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    How to Maintain Handheld Metal Detector?

    Handheld metal detectors are designed to detect metal carried by a person or object. It can detect weapons, explosives or small pieces of metal in packages, luggage, letters, fabrics, etc. Not only has a good appearance but also easy to operate.

    After you buy a metal detector, you can only learn more and pay attention in your daily life, you can make the metal detector extend the service life, otherwise it may cause the metal detector in the work of unstable working state, serious can lead to scrap, so usually we have to pay more attention to maintenance. In the following, ATO automation will tell you how to maintain handheld metal detector in daily life.

    How to maintain handheld metal detector

    • Cleaning. The probe disk of the hand held metal detector is the most likely to get dirty, and we need to clean this part often, which can be wiped with a wet towel. However, please note that the working principle of the metal detector is to form a certain range of magnetic field through the current in the detection site / probe disk of the front section, and then detect the metal and cause the change of the magnetic field, etc. Therefore, in the process of wiping, we must ensure that the link part of the detector or the part of the plug can not be damp, because once damp, it will affect the normal work of the detector.
    • Tempertaure. In addition to the above mentioned not to let the pinpointer metal detector damp, the temperature of the detector is also required. Because the metal detector shell is usually made of plastic, so the detector should not be in the cold or high temperature environment for a long time, otherwise the use effect will be affected.
    • Corrosive liquid. Many parts in the detector are made of metal, and these metals play an important role in the use of the detector, so the detector should not come into contact with corrosive liquids, such as salt water, during normal use or storage.

    The above is a simple introduction to how to maintain a hand metal detector, but also hope that you pay more attention in the process of use. Take care of your metal detector and the metal detector will give you the best value!

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