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    How Does Handheld Metal Detector Work?

    Handheld metal detector is a kind of metal detector, because the use of the way for the hand is named, mainly used in the factory anti-theft, security, cave treasure hunt and water detection. Compared with the security gate, the handheld metal detector is more accurate.

    Alarm is generated by electromagnetic induction to metal objects, mainly through sound and light, vibration, or through headphones. In this article, ATO industrial automation will introduce the wroking principle of hand metal detector.

    Principle of electromagnetic induction

    When the electromagnetic wave emitted by the handheld metal detector encounters the metal, it will generate eddy current in the metal, thus affecting the metal detector to use the principle of electromagnetic induction. The detector will emit electromagnetic wave in a certain frequency band. If there is metal, it will generate electromagnetic induction to the electromagnetic field of appropriate frequency, and travel a small electronic eddy current inside the metal, thus changing the output power of the electromagnetic wave of the detector. It is reflected in the change of the input current of the detector. If the current change is monitored by the instrument, it can be known whether there is metal below or inside.

    Of course, an alarm (light and sound) can be connected to the input circuit of the detector, and the conditions are set as follows: when the current increases steadily and greatly, the alarm sound is issued and the red light flashes. The threshold can be determined by experiment. Principle of electromagnetic induction. Want to avoid is impossible, but its sensitivity is the size of the metal test to set, if it is to test the larger metal, the sensitivity is low, you can need to avoid the large metal into pieces, will be directly discharged from the detection range. If the sensitivity is high, you can put the metal in pieces into the metal that will be expelled.

    Hand held metal detectors work the same way as metal detection security gates, they can only detect metal objects. When activated, the handheld metal detector will generate a magnetic field. The magnetic field generated is not uniform. Therefore, when using the hand held detector, the magnetic zone can be found, and the device will sound an alarm or flash an indicator light when metal objects pass through the hand held security detector.

    The pinpointer metal detector security system uses the principle of electromagnetic induction, which uses a coil with alternating current passing through it to create a rapidly changing magnetic field. This magnetic field can induce eddy currents inside a metal object. It can detect the metal in packages, luggage and other items carried by people. Through the principle of the above question to explain to you that hand-held metal detector is no harm to the human body, but the usual security check in the security check, X-ray inspection machine may have a small amount of radiation, but the channel at both ends of the lead protective curtain to absorb the X-ray, so the staff and passengers will not produce radiation hazards.

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