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    How to Set the Detection Range of the Gas Detector?

    The specific meaning of the detection range of the gas detector

    The gas detector is used in the occasions where mobile fast detection and reading of various gas concentrations, temperature and humidity measurements on site, and alarms for exceeding the standard are required. The clear color screen is used to display the concentration in real time, and the electrochemical or infrared and catalytic combustion products that are the best in the current industry are selected. , thermal conductivity, PID photoion principle gas sensor, precision capacitive digital temperature and humidity sensor, simulation icon display menu function, pump suction measurement, built-in replaceable water vapor and dust filter, protection grade IP67, rain and short-circuit proof time to soak.

    Gas detector

    The "LEL" on the gas detector refers to the lower explosion limit, which is a technical term for flammable gases. The low concentration of flammable gas in the air when it encounters an open flame is called the lower explosion limit - referred to as "LEL" (Lower Explosion Limited). The gas detector has a measurement range of 0-100% LEL.

    Fixed gas detectors usually have two alarm points (related to the model of the alarm host): 10% LEL is a first-level alarm, and 25% LEL is a second-level alarm.

    Portable gas detectors usually have an alarm point: 25% LEL is the alarm point.

    For example, the lower explosion limit of methane is 5% volume ratio, that is to say, divide this 5% volume ratio into one hundred equal parts, so that 5% volume ratio corresponds to 100% LEL, that is, when the gas detector value reaches 10% LEL At the alarm point, it is equivalent to the content of methane at this time being 0.5% by volume. When the detector value reaches the 25% LEL alarm point, it is equivalent to the methane content of 1.25% by volume.

    Gas detector detection range setting

    1. Select restore settings

    Restore setting

    2. Long press the buttons on both sides.

    3. Enter the password after displaying debus

    Press the password

    4. Enter the password after displaying debus

    5. Press the middle button to confrm.

    Change the range

    6. The indicated position is the channel position (Corresponding to the detected gas)

    7. "RANGE" to change the range.

    Confirm the changes

    8. Confirm the changes.

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