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    How to Calibrate a Fixed Gas Detector?

    Fixed gas detector

    Fixed gas detector, is a 24 hour online monitoring environment or pipeline Gas concentration and alarm Fixed Gas Detector. Gas detector in the industrial gas leak detection and alarm device, is the industrial toxic gas safety detection instrument. It can be fixed in the indoor and outdoor dangerous places with measured gas leakage. Play the role of on-site monitoring, if the monitoring position of toxic gas leakage, the gas detector will be in the first time, the toxic gas concentration data leakage to the gas alarm controller, the gas alarm controller for data processing. Before we know the calibration method of portable gas detector, so in this article we introduce the calibration method of fixed gas detector.

    The same as portable gas detector, fixed gas detector is also using zero calibration and span calibration these two calibration methods.

    Zero Calibration:

    Zero calibration of fixed gas detector

    • In clean air, press "menu", the detector shows F-01.
    • Press "+" for several times to enter "F-04", then press "OK", the detector will show a data which is more than 0.
    • Press "OK" again, then the detected data will become 0, then the zero calibration is finished.

    Span Calibration:

    Span calibration of fixed gas detector

    • Connect the target gas cylinder of known concentration to the product calibration cover through a PTFE tube.
    • Check that the detector is connected correctly and then power on, and wait for the detector output to stabilize after power on for a period of time:
    1. Press "menu". the detector shows "F-01".
    2. Press "+" for several times to enter "F-07".
    3. Press "OK" to enter the gas concentration value display interface. The value can be
      modified through the "+" or "-" keys, and the value is consistent with the standard gas concentration value to be calibrated. (For example, your standard gas is 520 ppm, so you need to set the data into 520.)
    4. Press "OK" to exit, and the detector will display "F-07".
    5. Press "+" to enter F08, and the detector will display "F-08".
    6. Press the "OK" again to enter the function interface, and the detector will display 0. Then, press "+" to adjust the "0" to "1", and then press the "OK" to return to the detection surface.
    7. In the detection interface, please adjust the flow of standard gas into 300-500 ml/min, then wait the value of the instrument is stable, press "OK" for 3 seconds. The detector will be calibrated automatically. At this time, the measured concentration value is consistent with the value set in "F-07".

    These are the two calibration methods of fixed gas detector. ATO industrial automation offers a variety of gas detectors, such as fixed combustible gas detector, fixed H2S gas detector, fixed O2 gas detector and so on.

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