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    How does DC Gear Motor Work?

    DC gear motor is a machine based on an ordinary DC motor plus a gear reducer. Because of its small size and good performance, it is widely used in many industries. So do you know how a DC gear motor works? Next, we will provide you with knowledge about the working principle and troubleshooting of DC gear motors.

    Working principle of DC gear motor

    DC gear motor refers to the integrated body of the reducer and motor. This integrated body can also be called a gear motor. It is usually supplied in a complete set after integrated assembly by a professional reducer manufacturer. DC gear motor is a device for connecting, driving, decelerating, and increasing torque, which has the advantages of low energy consumption, superior performance, small size, compact structure, reliability, and durability.30w dc gear motor

    Working process: The gear reducer can provide lower speed and higher torque and different speed reduction ratios can provide different speeds and torque, which greatly improves the utilization rate of DC gear motors in the automation industry. To make the armature receive an electromagnetic torque with a constant direction, the key lies in how the coil changes the direction of the current flowing through the coil in time under the magnetic poles of different polarities, that is to say, the so-called "commutation". To this end, a device called a commutator must be added. The commutator cooperates with the brush to ensure that the current at the coil side under each magnetic pole is always in one direction, which allows the motor to rotate continuously.

    Type of DC gear motor

    According to the speed, the motor itself can be divided into low-speed motor and high-speed motor. According to the function, there are a drive motor and a control motor. No matter what kind of motor, there is a rated speed and torque. To get variable speed, a special controller or governor is needed to control the speed, but this adds cost and leads to a higher motor price.

    On the other hand, the performance of the motor will also decline to varying degrees after speed regulation. In this case, geared motors can perfectly solve this problem.


    DC gear motors are usually low-power geared motors, generally no more than 0.5 horsepower. DC gear motors are usually sold in custom specifications and are widely used in smart homes, automotive drives, electronics, medical equipment, robot drives, and more. In addition, DC geared motors are also used in rolling shutter doors, air conditioners, massage chairs, micro-instruments, smart pan tilts, vending machines, barbecue shops, electronic locks, washing machines, mixers, cement mixers, electric toothbrushes, smart mice, car tailgates, etc.

    How to solve the oil leakage problem

    When the DC gear motor is used for a long time, the mechanical components are prone to wear or loosen, resulting in oil leakage from the motor. Motor oil leakage may affect normal work, and may shorten the life of the motor, so regular maintenance of the motor is very important. At this time, measures must be taken to repair the oil leakage to ensure the normal operation of the DC gear motor. Let's look at the causes and solutions of the oil leakage of the reducer:

    1. During use, too much oil is added. A large amount of lubricating oil accumulates in the shaft seal. When the equipment is running, the oil pool is agitated violently, which causes the lubricating oil to splash inside the equipment, and finally, oil leakage occurs.DC gear motor working principle

    2. Because the oil tank of the DC gear motor is always in a closed space, the meshing gears will generate heat. When the equipment is working, the temperature in the case will rise due to the long-term operation of the machine, which will cause the pressure in the reduction case to rise and cause the lubricating oil to splash.

    3. If the design structure of the DC gear motor is unreasonable, it will also cause oil leakage. In particular, the DC gear motor does not consider the design of the ventilation cover, which will cause the DC gear motor to fail to achieve pressure equalization, increase the pressure in the tank and cause oil leakage.

    4. The DC gear motor is not properly operated during maintenance. For example, if the sealant is not matched when it is used, the direction of the seal is installed in the opposite direction, or the dirt on the joint surface is not cleaned, these details will cause oil leakage.

    Three ways to solve it:

    Reinforcement: some relatively better sealing materials can be used, different fastening methods can be improved, and different oil leakage prevention measures can be improved to eliminate the oil leakage, but the premise must not affect its normal operation and will not break its rigidity and strength.

    Pressure regulation: It is also possible to reduce the pressure of the entire system by adjusting the oil pressure of the lubrication system and the sliding bearings. In this way, the gap between the bearing and the journal can be reduced, which can greatly reduce oil leakage.

    Replacement: Replacement is also a good way, mainly for some seals that are severely worn and damaged and cannot be repaired, and replace damaged parts, thereby directly improving the working efficiency of the DC gear motor. What needs to be emphasized here is that you must choose parts that match the model.

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