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    How Does Lighting Contactor Work?

    What is lighting contactor?

    A control device used to switch on, off and logically control the power supply of household appliances.

    For example, cutting off or turning on multiple sets of high-power lights, electrical equipment, etc.

    What are the advantages of lighting contactor?

    1. We can easily disconnect or connect the circuit remotely.

    2. We can control the high voltage with low voltage to achieve the purpose of safely cutting off or connecting the high voltage circuit.

    These are important links of itelligent control, because common intelligent control interfaces are low voltage.

    Today, we're gonna talk about lighting contactor, a fundamental device for switching an electrical power circuit among smart home appliances.

    Lighting contactors are specifically designed to provide central control of high power lighting loads or motors. The lighting contactor can realize the remote control of the circuit and can control the high voltage with low voltage.

    How Does Lighting Contactor Work?

    Next, we will do a testing with lighting contactor.

    Lighting contactor

    Here are the two contactors under test.

    Power on A1 and A2 to control the closing of multiple sets of contacts.

    Besides AC110V, we also have other control voltage options (12V DC/24V DC/220V AC).
    Lighting contactor wiring diagram

    This is the wiring diagram of the two contactors.

    The device we use to test is light bulbs that are installed in turn knob light sockets.

    Connect live wire and neutral wire to the two bottom terminals respectively.

    Connect the four light bulbs in parallel.

    We choose to use this sort of wiring method for low-power bulbs.

    We use a push button switch to energize or de-energize the coil so as to close or open the contacts. In this case, an extra 110V AC power supply is needed.

    This is how the contactor performs in auto mode.

    Lighting contactor on off

    It can simultaneously switch 4 lights on or off.

    The 4 lights are turned on at the same time in manual mode.

    When the contactor is disconnected, the pushbutton switch stops working.

    This contactor allows the user to turn on lights alternately.

    Likewise, the pushbutton switch is disabled when the contactor is interrupted.

    If you want to see more details of the video, please check:

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