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    How to Calibrate Gloss Meter?

    Every time we use the gloss meter, we must first calibrate the gloss meter. The purpose of calibration is to eliminate the influence of changes in the intensity of the light source and environmental changes each time the machine is turned on. This step of calibration is very important. If the calibration is not done well, the measurement will be greatly affected. Therefore, during the calibration process, it is necessary to ensure that the bottom surface of the gloss meter and the calibration plate are in very close contact. So how to calibrate gloss meter?

    0-300 GU digital gloss meterGloss meter calibration principle

    In the process of using the gloss meter, the first step to start the work is to calibrate. First, measure with a calibration plate with a known gloss value, set the gloss value of this calibration plate as α, the light intensity emitted by the light source as I1, and the light intensity detected by the photocell as I0. Through the calibration process, it can be known that the light intensity of the light source is:

    I0 = i1 / α

    Gloss meter calibration steps

    • Step 1. Complete the startup interface of the gloss meter.
    • Step 2. Click the main menu area on the display to enter the main menu.
    • Step 3. Select "Calibration" in the main menu to enter the "Calibration" menu interface.
    • Step 4. Click "Calibrate", the display interface will remind you to put the calibration plate box. Make sure the instrument and the calibration plate box are locked tightly, click "OK" or press the "Switch/Measure button" to calibrate.

    When the operating environment of the gloss meter changes (such as temperature, altitude, humidity, etc.), it must be calibrated. To ensure accurate calibration, please use the standard plate provided by the factory. Dust on the standard plate will affect the calibration effect. Before calibration, please wipe the working surface of the standard plate with a wiping cloth to confirm that the working surface is clean. The standard board is a precision optical component, so it is necessary to avoid exposure to light and keep it properly.

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