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    What is a Gloss Meter Used for?

    Gloss meter is an instrument used to measure the surface gloss of ceramics, paints, inks, plastics, marble, aluminum, hardware and other materials. High-precision gloss meters are classified into three types according to the angle, including high-gloss, medium-gloss and low-gloss. As a professional instrument for detecting the gloss of the external surface of objects, the gloss meter is widely used in chemical raw materials, paint manufacturing, aerospace industry, automobile industry, shipbuilding industry, electronic industry, electrical industry, IT communication, etc. Now we will talk about gloss meter application in several different areas.

    Gloss Meter Application

    0-200 GU digital gloss meterGloss meter tests the gloss of plastic materials

    The gloss of plastic materials mainly depends on the refractive index of the surface layer and the smoothness of the outer surface. When the refractive index of the plastic material is high and the outer surface is smooth, the light is dominated by specular reflection, and the gloss is high, otherwise, the diffuse reflection is dominant, and the gloss is poor. The raw material composition and production process of plastic materials are the key factors affecting the gloss of the outer surface. In order to control the gloss quality of plastic materials, a gloss meter can be used to detect.

    Gloss meter detects the gloss of sailboat hull

    Paint is often applied to the exterior of sailboats to maintain aesthetics and durability. The new boat with the gel coat looks beautiful, but after two or three years of use, the color of the appearance gradually fades and becomes shiny. At this time, in order to maintain the aesthetics and safety features of the sailboat hull, it can be repainted to make the sailboat look as beautiful as a new boat. In order to ensure the appearance quality and safety function of the sailboat, a gloss meter can be used to detect the gloss quality of the hull in the production of the sailboat.

    Gloss meter detects the gloss of tableware

    In daily life, a variety of tableware is an indispensable existence. Tableware of different materials, because of the difference in processing technology, the outer surface gloss will be very different. Used are ceramic tableware, metal tableware. In order to accurately assess the gloss of tableware and assess the quality of tableware, a special gloss meter can be used to measure.

    Gloss meter measures the gloss of the outer surface of the helmet

    When users buy helmets, in addition to paying attention to helmet material and safety, they will also be affected by the quality of coating coloring and gloss performance. For helmet manufacturers, in order to control the appearance and function of the helmet, it is necessary to test the color and gloss of the helmet.

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