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    How to Choose a Booster Pump for House?

    The booster pump is a pump used for boosting, which is mainly used for water heater boosting, low water pressure in high-rise buildings, sauna, bath boosting, insufficient water pressure on the top floor of the apartment, solar automatic boosting, reverse osmosis water purification booster, etc. The booster pump is the core part of the water supply equipment, just like a windmill, which continuously pressurizes the water to a high place to ensure the normal operation of the water supply equipment.

    Some houses are not uniformly installed with secondary water supply equipment, which leads to problems caused by insufficient water pressure in some families. Every house is different, and the power of booster pumps on the market is different. So, How to choose a booster pump for the house is a problem now.

    How to Select the Right Booster Pump?

    The greater the power of the booster pump, the greater the lift and flow. Therefore, when choosing a suitable booster pump, you must first carefully understand your own water pressure data and see how much head, flow, and pressure are appropriate. Generally speaking, the vertical lifting height of the apartment house is not too high, and the occupant can convert the approximate lift according to the length of the pipe after pressurization and the elbow. Flow rate is one of the important performance data for pump selection, which is directly related to the production capacity and conveying capacity of the entire device. When selecting the pump, the maximum flow rate is used as the basis, and the normal flow rate is taken into account. When there is no maximum flow rate, 1.1 times the normal flow rate can usually be taken as the maximum flow rate.booster pump for house

    Single pump frequency conversion equipment and small pump frequency conversion equipment are mainly for small household booster pumps unique to single households and small households. If you just want to use a single booster product, you can choose a low-power booster pump, but if you want to boost the tap water in the whole house or the whole area, you should choose a high-power booster pump, so that you can Ensure that all water supply systems are working properly and that the water pressure is adequate.

    It can be seen that the power of the booster pump for the house is not the bigger the better. Moreover, if the power of the booster pump used is too large, not only will it not have the effect of boosting, but the pressure on the pipeline will be too high, causing water leakage or bursting. Therefore, the selection of the booster pump must be appropriate. ATO provides a water booster pump and air pressure booster. If it is difficult to determine what type&power booster pump is suitable, customers can communicate with our professionals to choose a suitable booster pump.

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