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    How to Choose a Deep Groove Ball Bearing?

    A deep groove ball bearing is the most commonly used type of rolling bearing, consisting of an outer ring, an inner ring, a set of steel balls and a set of cage composition. There are two types of bearings ball deep groove, single row and double row, deep groove ball structure is also divided into sealed and open two structures, open type means bearing without a sealed structure, sealed deep groove ball is divided into dust seal and oil seal. Maybe you’ve asked yourself "Which bearing will be best for your application?" Or "How do I choose a bearing?" This article will help you answer those questions.

    Deep groove ball series bearings

    When choosing a deep groove ball bearing, there are several factors to consider:

    Load Carrying Capacity

    Determine the maximum load that the bearing needs to withstand. Select the appropriate bearing size and type according to the requirements.

    Bearing Speed

    Consider the working speed of the bearing. Select a bearing whose rated speed meets or exceeds the requirements. The limit speed of the grease lubricated bearing is lower than the of oil lubricated bearing.

    Selection of Clearance

    Generally, most motors with speeds below 3500 rpm use CM clearance, and high-temperature and high-speed motors require relatively large clearances.


    Select the appropriate bearing material. Common materials include stainless steel, chrome steel and ceramics. Consider factors such as corrosion resistance, durability and temperature resistance.

    Selection of Seal Type

    The lubrication of grooved ball bearings can be divided into oil lubrication and grease lubrication.

    Oil lubrication can work at high speeds and high temperatures.

    Grease lubrication single row deep groove ball bearing is generally sealed with dust caps or rubber seals. Dust cover is suitable for high temperature or good environment. Seal is divided into contact seals and non-contact seals two types. The contact seal has good dustproof performance and a good sealing effect, but the starting torque is large, and the non-contact seal has a small starting.


    Requirements for low noise occasions, more than bearings 60 and bearings 62 series of small-size ball bearings single row deep groove are used.

    Mounting and Dismounting of Bearings

    When choosing the deep groove ball bearing types, it is also necessary to consider whether the mounting and dismounting are convenient, especially the mounting and dismounting of large and extra-large bearings are particularly important.


    Consider the project budget and compare the prices of different bearings. However, the cheapest bearing is not always the best fit.

    In summary, the choice of single deep grooved ball bearings needs to be considered by various factors, according to your actual needs to buy!

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