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    How to Clean the Blocked Water cooled Spindle Motor?

    We are interested in knowing how to disassemble the water-cooled spindle of a CNC engraving machine to clean waterway impurities. In fact, the correct approach is not to disassemble the water-cooled spindle for cleaning, because the structure of the water-cooled spindle is quite complex, non-professionals to disassemble easy to damage the spindle, affecting the concentricity of the spindle components and parts of the connection assembly, must be disassembled to clean up, should be handed over to the manufacturer to carry out.

    For the chiller blockage, the emergence of scale can not be avoided, so the main attention to the daily use of the correct use operation, regular inspection and maintenance, and purification of circulating water quality, so as to avoid excessive scale impurities affecting the normal operation of the unit.

    Effective cleaning method for water-cooled spindle clogging6kW cnc spindle motor

    Water-cooled spindle due to a long time processing operation will be connected to frozen circulating water for cooling, to ensure the normal operation of the spindle, the processing process in addition to circulating water impurities generated by the scale, there will be processing dust into the pipe. When the water-cooled spindle pipe blockage, is found in time to deal with, there are usually three ways to clear the blockage.

    • The two ends of the water pipe connected to the spindle motor will be removed, the water pipe for thorough unclogging and cleaning. You can use dry compressed air to blow and clean the pipes or use special physical cleaning tools to clean the pipes, with a certain chemical descaling solution for better results.
    • Use dry compressed air to blow and clean the water-cooled spindle. Connect the air compressor's blowing pipe to the inlet pipe of the spindle and blow it repeatedly to blow off the impurities attached and stained on the spindle.
    • Use weak acid water solution to clean the water-cooled spindle. If the compressed air blowing effect is not good, you can only use a certain amount of weak acid aqueous solution, filled with a water-cooled spindle pipe, repeated several times, each rinse a certain amount of time, until the clean water is no longer discolored.

    How to avoid water-cooled spindle clogging?

    • Water-cooled spindle clogging and circulating water quality are directly related to the cooling water and chilled water is recycled and used repeatedly, so check the filter and pipeline situation regularly, according to the actual situation of the filter, pipe cleaning regularly, replace the circulating water.

    • Adequate pretreatment of cooling water towers and tap water. In some of the cooling water tower with air-cooled functions, contact with air will have a certain amount of dust into, so the water should be precipitation and filtration treatment, tap water as well.
    • After the emergence of filter, and pipe blockage situation, we should promptly deal with the use of physical and chemical methods combined with descaling to avoid impurities. Too much scale buildup affects the normal operation of the equipment.
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