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    How to Choose an ATC Spindle Motor?

    With the development of motorized spindle manufacturing technology, there are new requirements for spindle finishing and machining efficiency, and automatic tool change technology is bred. Because of its fast and efficient tool change, it is favored by machining users today with the rising labor cost. The high-speed automatic tool change device has become an important technology of machining center and an important index of high-level machining center. ATC spindle is also becoming more and more popular. So how to choose a suitable spindle motor? ATO will give you following advice.

    • If processing efficiency is pursued, the processing speed should be fast, and the amount of cutting tools should be large at the same time. For processing solid wood materials, a spindle motor with a power of more than 3KW is required.
    • Does the spindle motor use high-precision bearings? If high-precision bearings are not used, the spindle motor will overheat after a long time of high-speed rotation, which will affect the service life of the spindle motor.
    • Whether the sound of the CNC spindle motor rotating at different speeds is noisy, especially high-speed rotation.
    • Whether the main shaft is subjected to radial force. Mainly to confirm that it can cut hard materials at high speed. Some spindles can only cut hard materials at very low speeds, and at high speeds, the spindle will lose spins badly. After a period of time, the accuracy of the spindle will be affected, and even failure will occur.

    High precision and efficiency ATC spindle motors equipped with VFD, are used for milling, engraving, and CNC router machines. ATO provides popular three phase 0.35kW, 9kW and 12kW air cooled automatic tool change spindle motors at a low price. Low noise 3 phase 1.5kW, 1.8kW, 4kW, 5.5kW and 7.5kW water cooled ATC spindles are also provided. It is suitable for high speed and high-precision milling, drilling and tapping of CNC planer, metal and non-metallic materials.

    ATC Spindle Model Selection List

    Item SKU Power Speed Current Frequency Cooling Method Weight Price
     350W ATC Spindle ATO-SPINDLE-ATC350 350W 40000rpm 8A 1000Hz Air cooling 1.9kg $2,458.76
     1500W ATC Spindle ATO-SPINDLE-ATC1500 1500W 60000rpm 10A Water cooling 3.9kg $1,752.32
     1800W ATC Spindle ATO-SPINDLE-ATC1800 1800W 10A 3.97kg $1,838.46
     4000W ATC Spindle ATO-SPINDLE-ATC4000 4000W 40000rpm 17A 1333Hz 7.65kg $3,246.15
     5500W ATC Spindle ATO-SPINDLE-ATC5500 5500W 36000rpm 21A 1200Hz 15kg $4,862.46
     7500W ATC Spindle ATO-SPINDLE-ATC7500 7500W 24000rpm 14.3A 800Hz 27kg $2,898.15
     9000W ATC Spindle ATO-SPINDLE-ATC9000 9000W 18.2A Air cooling 32kg $2,628.19
     12000W ATC Spindle ATO-SPINDLE-ATC12000 12000W 22.8A/39.5A 400-800Hz 31kg $4,137.07

    Note: The prices in the table are for reference. If you want more specific information and better prices, please feel free to contact us.

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