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    Spindle Motor Cooling Methods: Water Cooled vs. Air Cooled

    It is necessary to cool and dissipate the automatic tool change electric spindle, especially in high temperature. If you find that the electric spindle is overheated during the application process, then you should consider whether to take heat dissipation measures. Do not allow the electro-spindle to run in overheating conditions, which will affect the service life. ATO will introduce to you two cooling methods for spindle motors:

    Water cooled

    It means that the cooling water circulation is designed inside the spindle motors, and the corresponding cooling machine is equipped outside, so that the cooling liquid circulates inside the spindle to take away the internal heat. The advantages of this cooling method are simple and reliable in design, and the cooling effect is more obvious.

    1500W ATC Spindle

    Air cooled

    Air cooled refers to designing a forced convection channel between the housing of the electric spindle and the stator of the motor. The heat generated by the motor enters the forced convection area through heat conduction, and then the heat is brought into the air to realize the constant temperature operation of the electric spindle. Air cooling is pollution-free. If the static pressure gas bearing is used, the gas of the static pressure gas bearing can be used to circulate a part of the heat of the motor inside the main shaft.

    Comparison of two cooling methods

    The water-cooled spindle motor uses water circulation to cool the heat generated by the high-speed rotation of the spindle. This method will work well because the temperature after passing through the circulation will not exceed 40 degrees. The air cooled spindle motor uses a fan to dissipate heat, and its effect is definitely not as good as water cooling.


    The water cooled spindle motor is quiet, but the air cooled spindle motor is very loud.

    Service life

    The water cooled spindle motor should pay attention to maintenance, change the water frequently or use an industrial water cooler, so its service life is much longer than that of the air cooled spindle motor.


    The axial and radial runout of the water cooled spindle motor is basically below 0.003 mm.


    Since the water-cooled spindle needs to be connected to a water pump, a bucket is needed to hold water, and a water pipe needs to be connected. It is more likely to freeze in the cold winter, which is more troublesome, but the air cooled ATC spindle does not have so many use problems.

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