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    Spindle Motor Price List

    Spindle motor, also called high speed motor, refers to the AC motor with more than 10000 rpm. Mainly used in wood, aluminum, stone, hardware, glass, PVC and other industries, it has the advantages of fast speed, small size, light weight, low material consumption, low noise, low vibration, etc.

    Spindle motor is mainly responsible for driving the spindle of the machine tool, driving the workpiece or cutter head to rotate, and has high requirements for constant power characteristic output to meet the sufficient torque output capacity at different speeds.

    ATO Spindle Motor Price List

    Type Product Power Speed Current Frequency Weight Price
    air cooled spindle ATO-SPINDLE-A800 800W 24000 rpm 2.5A 400Hz 3kg $250.77
    ATO-SPINDLE-A1500 1500W 6A 3.8kg $350.26
    ATO-SPINDLE-A2200 2200W 8A 4.8kg $483.23
    ATO-SPINDLE-1A1500 1500W 18000 rpm 3.2A 300Hz 7kg $484.62
    ATO-SPINDLE-1A2200 2200W 4.8A 7.5kg $503.48
    ATO-SPINDLE-A3500 3500W 7.2A 8.5kg $557.69
    ATO-SPINDLE-A4500 4500W 9.2A 12kg $705.88
    ATO-SPINDLE-A6000  6000W 12.8A 14kg $736.59
    ATO-SPINDLE-A7500  7500W 15.3A 16kg $1,076.92
    water cooled spindle ATO-SPINDLE-W800 800W 24000 rpm 2.5A 400Hz 2.8kg $205.23
    ATO-SPINDLE-W1500 1500W   4kg $258.36
    ATO-SPINDLE-W2200 2200W 4.2A 5kg $327.69
    ATO-SPINDLE-W3200 3200W  8A 8.5kg $461.54
    ATO-SPINDLE-W3700 3700W 8A 9kg $507.69 
    ATO-SPINDLE-W4500 4500W 12A 23kg $921.47
    ATO-SPINDLE-W5500 5500W 14.5A 23kg $998.46
    ATO-SPINDLE-W6000 6000W 14.5A 25kg $1,238.57
    ATO-SPINDLE-W7500 7500W 16A 26.5kg $1,655.37

    ATO ATC Spindle Motor Price List

    Item SKU Power Speed Current Frequency Cooling Method Weight Price
     350W ATC Spindle ATO-SPINDLE-ATC350 350W 40000rpm 8A 1000Hz Air cooling 1.9kg $2,458.76
     1500W ATC Spindle ATO-SPINDLE-ATC1500 1500W 60000rpm 10A Water cooling 3.9kg $1,752.32
     1800W ATC Spindle ATO-SPINDLE-ATC1800 1800W 10A 3.97kg $1,838.46
     4000W ATC Spindle ATO-SPINDLE-ATC4000 4000W 40000rpm 17A 1333Hz 7.65kg $3,246.15
     5500W ATC Spindle ATO-SPINDLE-ATC5500 5500W 36000rpm 21A 1200Hz 15kg $4,862.46
     7500W ATC Spindle ATO-SPINDLE-ATC7500 7500W 24000rpm 14.3A 800Hz 27kg $2,898.15
     9000W ATC Spindle ATO-SPINDLE-ATC9000 9000W 18.2A Air cooling 32kg $2,628.19
     12000W ATC Spindle ATO-SPINDLE-ATC12000 12000W 22.8A/39.5A 400-800Hz 31kg $4,137.07

    Note: The prices in the table are for reference. If you want more specific information and better prices, please feel free to contact us.

    How to choose spindle motor?

    Select spindle motor, the main points should be considered as follows:

    1. Whether the spindle motor uses high precision bearings, if not, the performance is the spindle motor overheating after a long period of high-speed rotation, affecting the service life of the spindle motor.
    2. Different speed rotation, especially high-speed rotation, whether the sound is uniform and harmonious.
    3. Whether the spindle radial force. The main reference is whether it can cut the hard material with high speed. Some spindle can only cut harder materials at very low speeds, otherwise the spindle performance will be serious loss of rotation, after a period of time affect the accuracy of the spindle, or even appear to be.
    4. If you want to pursue the processing of high efficiency, processing both fast, while eating a large amount of knife, such as processing solid wood materials, etc., you need more than 2.2KW power spindle motor.
    5. The standard configuration of the equipment spindle according to the different specifications of the equipment have Different configurations.
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