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    Spindle Motor Buying Guide

    The spindle motor is also called a high-speed motor, which refers to an AC motor with a rotational speed of more than 10,000 rpm/min. Mainly used in wood, aluminum, stone, hardware, glass, PVC and other industries, it has the advantages of fast speed, small size, light weight, low material consumption, low noise, low vibration, etc. It has attracted more and more attention in related industries. In the modern society with rapid technological progress, the spindle motor has been widely applied, and it couples with its meticulous workmanship, high speed and high processing quality of the motor. Besides, other ordinary motors cannot meet the technical requirements of the spindle motor or play a role as the spindle motor doe in the industrial production process. Therefore, it plays an important role and the whole world is particularly favored by the spindle motor.

    Spindle motors are mainly divided into two types: water-cooled spindles and air-cooled spindles. With the development of science and technology, automatic tool changer spindles have also appeared in recent years. The ATC spindle is popular in the market, especially in the field of automation, and the ATC spindle has become a hot word in the industry. Today, we will introduce these types of spindle motors in detail, so that you can choose the right product when purchasing.

    ATC Spindle (Automatic Tool Changer Spindle)

    Atc spindlesThe rear end of the electric spindle is a cylinder structure. The inside of the cylinder uses the air pressure to push the thimble to hit the middle tie rod to make the chuck extend outward, so that the tool falls off. Then the equipment can use the shaft platform to automatically grab the tool, and then the rear end of the spindle uses a solenoid valve to release it. The air pressure is cut off, thereby clamping the tool, a process known as automatic tool change.

    Automatic tool changer spindles are often used in areas such as splitter cutting, or in cutting areas such as billboard cutting.
    The clamping force of the clamping tool of the automatic tool changing spindle is great, which can cut stably, and can automatically change the tool. It saves time and effort. The ATC spindle has good cutting quality, flat incisions, no burrs, no dust, and low noise. It can be used for circuit boards of various shapes and improve work efficiency.

    If you want to buy this product, we also have automatic tool changer spindles of different power sizes on sale for you select and buy.

    Air-cooled spindle motor

    Air cooled cnc spindle motorsThe air-cooled spindle motor comes with a small fan to dissipate heat, without coolant, not easy to rust. It is suitable for cold areas.
    If you want to buy an air-cooled spindle, you need to know some of its advantages. Details as follows:

    • High speed: It has the merits of high-speed, precision matched bearings, rigid or elastic preload structure. It can obtain higher speed, so that the tool can play the best cutting effect.
    • High precision: High precision bearings are manufactured with high precision parts.
      High Efficiency: The speed can be changed in continuous fine-tuning, so the cutting speed can be controlled in real time during the entire machining process, so as to obtain the maximum machining efficiency.
    • Low noise: The spindle has the advantage of low noise in the case of high-speed rotation.
      Our website can provide you with air-cooled spindle motors of various powers for your purchase.

    Water-cooled spindle motor

    Water cooled cnc spindle motorsThe water-cooled spindle motor has good cooling effect, low noise and low price. It is very suitable for hot areas, and it designed for metal and stone processing.

    If you plan to buy a water-cooled spindle, you need to know several advantages of water-cooled spindle:

    • Accuracy: The axial and radial run out of the mine spindle is basically below 0.003 mm, which makes the water-cooled spindle more accurate.
    • Effect: The water-cooled spindle uses water circulation to cool the heat generated by the high-speed rotation of the spindle, which is better than the air-cooled spindle that uses a fan to dissipate heat.
    • Noise: The water-cooled spindle is basically silent, but the air-cooled spindle inevitably produces some noise.

    When purchasing, you also need to pay attention that if the air-cooled spindle and the water-cooled spindle have the same reputation and reliability, the service life of the air-cooled spindle will be relatively longer. This is mainly because the water-cooled spindle is easy to form scale after a period of use. The formation of scale will not only greatly reduce the heat exchange efficiency, but also increase the energy consumption, and even endanger the equipment and cause danger. If there is no timely maintenance and maintenance, it will have a great impact on the service life of the water-cooled spindle. If properly maintained, the lifespan of the water-cooled spindle will be longer and these dangers will be reduced.

    In general, different styles of spindle motors have their own characteristics. If your scope of use is in advertising cutting and other fields, you can choose to purchase an autonomous tool changer spindle; if you are in a cold area, you can choose an air-cooled spindle; if your budget is limited or in a hot area, you can choose a water-cooled spindle motor. If you want to know more information, you are welcome to click on to check it out.

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