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    Spindle Motor Buying Guide

    The spindle motor is also called a high-speed motor, which refers to an AC motor with a rotational speed of more than 10,000 rpm/min. Mainly used in wood, aluminum, stone, hardware, glass, PVC and other industries, it has the advantages of fast speed, small size, light weight, low material consumption, low noise, low vibration, etc. It has attracted more and more attention in related industries. In the modern society with rapid technological progress, the spindle motor has been widely applied, and it couples with its meticulous workmanship, high speed and high processing quality of the motor. Besides, other ordinary motors cannot meet the technical requirements of the spindle motor or play a role as the spindle motor doe in the industrial production process.

    ATC Spindle Troubleshooting

    With the development of technology and rising labor costs, more and more enterprise factories are using automation, such as machining. The ATC spindle motor is also an integral part of machining. It brings great convenience to everyone and improves production efficiency, but at the same time, there are some problems. Let's talk about some common problems and solutions of automatic tool change spindles.

    How to Choose an ATC Spindle Motor?

    With the development of motorized spindle manufacturing technology, there are new requirements for spindle finishing and machining efficiency, and automatic tool change technology is bred.Because of its fast and efficient tool change, it is favored by machining users today with the rising labor cost. The high-speed automatic tool change device has become an important technology of machining center and an important index of high-level machining center. ATC spindle is also becoming more and more popular.

    ATO provides popular three phase 0.35kW, 9kW and 12kW air cooled automatic tool change spindle motors at a low price. Low noise 3 phase 1.5KW, 1.8kW, 4kW, 5.5kW and 7.5kW water cooled ATC spindles are also provided. It is suitable for high speed and high-precision milling, drilling and tapping of CNC planer, wood carving/engraving machine, metal and non-metallic materials.

    How to Use ATC Spindle Motor Safely?

    With the development of industrial technology, automatic tool changing spindle is widely used. Automation has gradually become the main form of enterprise production and processing. So, what should we pay attention to in use?

    • ATC spindle motors and VFD should be used together. The specifications and parameter settings of the VFD should match the rated parameters of the spindle.
    • When using, first check whether the air duct is blocked or not, and use compressed air to blow through it in emergency use.
    • The cooling circulation system must be in normal operation before use. Do not use without cooling
    • Water cooled motors must ensure that the coolant must be clean.
    What are the Functions of ATC Spindle Motor?

    With the development of industrial technology, automation has gradually become the main form of enterprise production and processing. In machining, the tool needs to be changed frequently due to different materials or shapes. The high speed motorized spindle has also been continuously developed from the traditional manual tool change to the ATC.

    The rear end of the electric spindle is a cylinder structure. It uses air pressure to push the thimble against the middle pull rod so that the collet extends outward and the tool falls off, and then the device can automatically grab the tool using the shaft platform. The rear end of the spindle uses a solenoid valve to release the air and cut off the air so that the tool is clamped. This process is called automatic tool change.