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    How to Use ATC Spindle Motor Safely?

    With the development of industrial technology, automatic tool changing spindle is widely used. Automation has gradually become the main form of enterprise production and processing. So, what should we pay attention to in use?

    • High speed ATC spindle motors and VFD should be used together. The specifications and parameter settings of the VFD should match the rated parameters of the spindle.
    • When using, first check whether the air duct is blocked or not, and use compressed air to blow through it in emergency use.
    • The cooling circulation system must be in normal operation before use. Do not use without cooling
    • Water cooled motors must ensure that the coolant must be clean.
    • During long-term storage, the spindle motor should be turned on (low speed) for 15-30 minutes at least within a week.
    • The electric spindle must run at low speed for 15-20 minutes before processing every day.

    The ATC spindle is the core component of high speed machining machine tools. The correct use and maintenance of the ATC spindle have an extremely important influence on the improvement of the machining accuracy and the prolongation of the service life of the high-speed machining machine. Doing the following points is bound to strengthen the maintenance of the ATC spindle.

    • Do not use compressed air to clean the electric spindle to avoid bringing dust into the gap of the spindle, which will damage the spindle bearings.
    • When cleaning the area around the motorized spindle, the machine tool should be powered on although the spindle is stopped, and ensure that the spindle bearing is in the state of air curtain protection.
    • During the use of the electric spindle, pay attention that the cutting fluid should be hit on the cutting tool, not on the end of the spindle shaft.

    With the widespread use of ATC spindle motors, its demand is also growing. ATO offers ATC spindles with two cooling methods, as well as water cooled spindles and air cooled spindles without automatic tool changers. If you would like more information, please feel free to contact us.

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