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    ATC Spindle Troubleshooting

    With the development of technology and rising labor costs, more and more enterprise factories are using automation, such as machining. The ATC spindle motor is also an integral part of machining. It brings great convenience to everyone and improves production efficiency, but at the same time, there are some problems. Let's talk about some common problems and solutions of automatic tool change spindles.

    Its common troubleshooting is: the spindle motor is hot, the speed is very low, the frequency converter alarms, and in serious cases, the spindle motor of the automatic tool changer emits smoke and makes abnormal noises.

    When the ATC spindle starts to run, it becomes hot and hot, and the inverter alarms.

    These are caused by improper parameter settings of the inverter. The rated frequency, reference frequency and upper limit frequency of the inverter must be set to the rated frequency marked on the spindle motor. If the spindle motor runs on the basis of the regulations, there will be no problem with the spindle motor.

    The automatic tool changer spindle motor has only sound, does not rotate or needs to wait for a while to start, but the force is not enough.

    This is caused by the inverter output phase loss. Mainly because the cable from the inverter to the spindle is an open circuit or the plug welding part falls off. It is recommended that you check the welding of the aviation plug or check whether the circuit of the three wires of the inverter is disconnected.

    When the ATC spindle motor is just installed, the tool is always broken and the engraving is rough.

    There are two common problems, one is that the spindle motor is reversed, and the other is that the ER chuck is installed incorrectly. The ATC spindle motor is reversed, that is to say, the product is engraved with the back of the knife, and the engraving is rough and sticks to the knife. It is recommended to check the rotation direction of the lower spindle to see if it rotates in the direction of the arrow on the casing of the spindle motor. If it is reversed, change any two of the three U/V/W lines from the inverter output line to rotate forward.

    There is a hissing sound after the automatic tool changer spindle motor is installed.

    Because the bearings used in the high-speed spindle are all solid grease inside. It is recommended to run it at a low speed for about 30 minutes when you just use it to run in, and the sound will disappear naturally. This method should also be adopted for ATC spindles that have not been used for a long time so that the noise will be reduced and the service life will be extended even if the spindle runs at high speed.

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