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    How to Install an Air Motor

    An air motor is a device that converts the pressure energy of compressed air into rotational mechanical energy. Typically used as a source of rotational power for more complex devices or machines. Air motors are classified by structure into: vane air motors, piston air motors, compact vane air motors, and compact piston air motors. The air motor is a relatively precise power machine. It is strictly forbidden to knock or disassemble it during installation. It does not bear axial force, please install and use the air motor under the correct requirements.Air motor

    Installation notes

    1. Before connecting the gas pipe, the pressurized gas should be opened first, and the dust and debris in the pipe should be removed by the pressure of the gas to ensure the cleanliness of the gas pipe.
    2. The inner diameter of the air pipe must be greater than or equal to the diameter of the air inlet of the air motor to ensure the air supply.
    3. Ensure the coaxiality between the output shaft of the air motor and the input shaft of the driver (host).
    4. Air leakage is not allowed at the interface between the air supply pipeline and the pneumatic components to ensure the air supply quality of the air motor.
    5. The exhaust port of the air motor can be installed with a matching muffler, but it cannot be completely blocked, otherwise it will affect the operation of the motor.
    6. For a two-way rotating air motor, when one of the air inlets takes in air, the other air inlet becomes a negative exhaust port, which must not be blocked. It is best to use a three-position four-way valve, otherwise the air motor will not operate normally.

    How to install the air motor?

    1. Lubricating oil must be added to the lubricator in time to ensure the lubrication of the air motor.
    2. When installing, repairing and maintaining, the air valve must be closed and the air source must be cut off before the work can be carried out.
    3. The air motor should be regularly maintained and cleaned, and the wearing parts should be replaced. In order to ensure the normal operation of the air motor.
    4. For the air motor that has not been used for a long time, a little lubricating oil (No. 20 mechanical oil) can be poured from the air inlet to turn the output shaft by hand, and then the compressed air is connected, and the jog method (30 seconds) is used to make the output shaft. It automatically cleans the inside of the motor. Refueling—clicking on the air motor can be repeated, and then install it after feeling that the air motor is running normally.
    5. It is not allowed to continuously run the air motor at high speed under no load (if necessary, it is best not to exceed half a minute), otherwise the life of the air motor will be reduced or damaged.
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