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    How to Install Static Eliminator?

    Static eliminator refers to the production and life used to eliminate static equipment or products, electrostatic eliminator is through the high voltage power generator to produce a certain value of high voltage applied to the discharge needle, positive and negative electrostatic neutralization, negative and positive electrostatic neutralization so as to eliminate static and prevent static purposes.

    55W static eliminator

    Tips For Static Eliminator Installation:

    • The static eliminator should be installed in the place where the electrostatic potential of the charged body is highest. The electrostatic tester can be used to measure the whole production line and find out the position of the highest electrostatic.
    • The specific installation distance is determined by the type of static eliminator; Usually the AC static eliminator is 3-10 cm, with compressed air will be farther, about 20-50 cm, and then far away from the son is almost neutralized, you feel the wind, and there will be no ion flow inside.
    • DC ion rod usually has a high built-in voltage, the highest is 30KV, most of them are DC pulse, the elimination distance is far, the farthest can be 1.5 meters, suitable for a large range of long-distance electrostatic removal.
    • The installation distance of the passiveĀ static eliminator is required to be very close, generally about 1 cm, or the induction of the current can not be.
    • Installation position of electric dissipation motor. The electrostatic eliminator is mounted facing the material with point. Electrostatic eliminator is not recommended for the following positions.
    • The ambient temperature is more than 80 degrees, the relative humidity is more than 80 percent, there are a lot of grounding metal in the installation and elimination range, which is opposite to other electrostatic eliminator.

    When multiple static eliminator are installed at the same time, the distance between each electrostatic eliminator should be greater than or equal to 2 times the elimination range of the electrostatic eliminator to prevent interference and self-elimination.

    Cable: The AC static eliminator is usually connected to the high voltage power supply. There is a special cable between the AC static eliminator. It is necessary to avoid the cable being damaged by external forces.

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