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    Static Eliminator Troubleshooting

    As the temperature drops, so does the humidity, especially indoors, where our heaters inconveniently deprive the air of moisture. This leads to chapped lips and dry skin, and static electricity tends to build up on non-conductive surfaces. When we use the static eliminator, there will also be various problems. This article will tell you how to solve the problems.


    • Read the product manual before installation.35W static eliminator
    • The socket connected to the high voltage power supply must be reliably grounded.
    • Ion air gun cannot be operated in flammable and explosive environment.
    • Do not repair without authorization.
    • Use the ion air gun gently.

    A lot of these calls are also from existing users, which is great because we're genuinely interested in solving problems and making sure people get the most out of our products. A common question is, "How do I know if my static eliminator is working properly?" There are several ways to be sure.

    The easiest, fastest, and most reliable method is to measure the actual static level, "before and after," with a digital static meter. This is a convenient, hand-held, battery-operated instrument that displays voltage and polarity on an object's surface when held up to 1 inch away from the object.

    Another easy and quick way to check if the static eliminator is operating correctly is to sniff the presence of ozone near the emission point of the static eliminator. When the compressed air source is turned off (for safety, of course, but not for comfort), you will be able to smell the distinctive smell of ozone, which is described as pungent, sweet or metallic. After your copier has made a whole bunch of stuff, it's the same smell all around.

    If you have a multimeter, you can also check the proper voltage at the firing point. Even a functioning static eliminator can have installation or operational issues that limit its effectiveness.

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