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    How to Maintain Static Eliminator?

    The nuclei of various substances have different binding abilities to electrons, so the ability of gaining and losing electrons is also different, which causes various charged phenomena such as frictional electrification. This is where an static eliminator is needed. But the maintenance of static eliminator is also very important, this article is about how to maintain.

     45W static eliminator

    Power Supply and Air Source Requirements:

    • The power supply must be grounded and fully grounded. The transformer must be well grounded. Check whether the grounding wire knob is tightened before each use.
    • The air source used must be effectively filtered. Sometimes a secondary filter is required. Filters should be cleaned in time. Otherwise: water, oil and dust/ dust particles can enter the ion generation chamber and adhere to the inner wall of the plastic component. At a certain point, the ionic needle ignites it. Results cellular coke loss was gradually formed in plastic parts, and ion discharge decreased gradually. In particular, it creates security risks.

    Adjustment of Electrostatic Removal Effect:

    • Electrostatic removal time is inversely proportional to air pressure. The air pressure should be 0.3 MPa-0.7 MPa.
    • The distance and angle of static eliminator between the nozzle and the electrostatic field affect the electrostatic effect, and attention should be paid to debugging until satisfactory.

    Routine Maintenance:

    • Air gun/ nozzle is easy to break. When using the air gun, pay attention to prevent collision, and after use, pay attention to prevent falling. Care should be taken to prevent objects from colliding even with fixed air nozzles.
    • The air gun pressure regulating valve is moderate and appropriate to point into universal rust-proof lubricant.
    • When cleaning the ion needle and ion needle room of the ion air gun, anhydrous alcohol should not be used to take water. When cleaning, power off first, and then use the camera to screw off the small plastic cover (also called air accelerator) in front of the ion air gun head, clean the ion needle and ion needle chamber with anhydrous alcohol on the cotton swab, and clean the internal stains and dirt inside.
    • It is best to add a foot switch to the air supply of the ion air gun, or to control it through the linkage of the solenoid valve and mechanical action, which can not only improve the use effect, but also prolong the service life.
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