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    How to Maintain the Air motor?

    An air motor (pneumatic motor), or compressed air engine, is a type of motor which does mechanical work by expanding compressed air. Pneumatic motors generally convert the compressed air energy to mechanical work through either linear or rotary motion. With proper using and maintenance, you can be sure that your air motor will maintain a high level of performance for many years. And it is easy to maintain an air motor. Basically, there are two key elements to pay attention to: lubrication and filtration.

    Today, ATO offers several steps you can take to maximize the life of your motor.

    Choose the right air motor for application

    Before the maintenance and lubrication of air motor, in order to guarantee a long life of an air motor, what you should do is choosing a motor carefully. The positioning of the motor's operating point required by the application relative to its optimum operating point will determine the advantages and disadvantages that must be considered in selection.

    Maintain the air motor

    With proper using and maintenance, you can be sure that your air motor will maintain a high level of performance for many years.

    Lubricate the air motor

    It is very important to lubricate the pneumatic motor with the correct oil. The compressed air motor continuously generates cooling due to the expansion of the air in the pneumatic section. Even if the motor is running at very low temperatures, the oil must be liquid enough to lubricate. Therefore, the viscosity and technical properties of the oil are crucial.
    Using the wrong type of oil carries real risks. Incomplete lubrication of all necessary areas will sooner or later lead to reduced performance - reduced starting speed or torque - and possibly damage to the motor blades, or worse, the cylinder (replacement of expensive parts).

    Good lubrication also helps reduce the possible effects of moisture inside the motor by preventing or minimising the effects of corrosion.

    Filter air motor

    If small dust or metal particles get into the air motor, they can damage the blades and possibly damage the cylinder surfaces. Installing a filter before the intake point reduces the risk of particles entering the motor.

    If they get in, the motor will lose speed, torque and power. Unlike replacing a cylinder, replacing a filter in an air motor is easy and inexpensive, so keep an eye on the condition of the filter!

    Use or store the air motor

    You also have to pay attention to how you use the air motor. Ideally, it should be used regularly and long enough to give the oil time to lubricate the motor.

    If the motor is not used regularly and not long enough, make sure you have enough oil before storing-this will offset the risk of corrosion, especially in wet environments. Follow these 5 easy steps and your air motor will cope with your application over time. If you take care of the air motors properly, the life of the motor will be greatly extended.

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