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    How to Make Lab Peristaltic Pump Flow Delivery More Accurate?

    Laboratory peristaltic pump flow delivery more accurate

    There are many types of peristaltic pump, common industrial peristaltic pump, micro peristaltic pump and other peristaltic pump in various industries. These peristaltic pumps are welcomed by various industries because of their low maintenance cost and long service time.

    Some customers reflect that the peristaltic pump flow is not accurate, here we teach you how to make the peristaltic pump flow delivery more accurate.

    • Pay attention to suction and head. The suction range and head of the peristaltic pump are important factors affecting the flow rate. The suction range refers to the vertical height of the horizontal position of the liquid level to the pump head, and the head is the vertical height of the pump head to the liquid outlet. If it is too long, the flow of peristaltic pump will decay rapidly.
    • Properties of liquid. The type and characteristics of liquids also affect the transmission of peristaltic pumps, especially viscous liquids and liquids containing particulate matter, so the flow calibration can be carried out according to the instructions before the formal production environment.
    • Rate of flow. Because of the operation principle of 24V laboratory peristaltic pump, so different flow will also affect the accuracy. A peristaltic pump is like squeezing a fluid-filled hose with a finger pinch, and the fluid moves forward as the finger slides forward. The peristaltic pump works the same way with rollers instead of fingers. Fluid is pumped by alternately squeezing and releasing the pump's elastic delivery hose. It's like squeezing a hose with two fingers. As you move your fingers, negative pressure builds up inside the tube and fluid flows. A peristaltic pump is a section of pipe between two rollers that forms a "pillow" of fluid. The volume of the pillow depends on the inner diameter of the pump pipe and the geometry of the rotor. For example, small flow pump head and hose, flow is more accurate. Low flow pump heads and hoses are recommended if accuracy is required.

    The popularity of peristaltic pumps can be attributed to their design. The design uses a motor to drive a set of rolls. The roll rolls over the soft pump tube, squeezing and releasing it repeatedly. This extrusion creates a vacuum that draws the fluid through the pump line, thus completing the pumping process. ATO online store also provides high quality peristaltic pumps, because only the pump pipe is the water through parts, so this pump maintenance and cleaning is easy and convenient. This design provides several benefits that enable peristaltic pumps to be adapted to a variety of applications.

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