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    How to Replace Sealing Ring of Magnetic Powder Clutch?

    The magnetic powder clutch is based on the electromagnetic principle and the use of magnetic powder to transmit torque. It has a linear relationship between the excitation current and the transmission torque. It can transmit a certain torque regardless of the slip. It has the advantages of pollution, no noise, no shock and vibration, energy saving, etc. Magnetic particle clutch is a multi-purpose and superior automatic control element. However, how to replace sealing ring of water-cooled magnetic powder clutch?

    ATO water-cooled magnetic power clutch dimension

    Unit: mm

    Dimensions of water-cooled magnetic power clutch

    This is the sealing ring that needs to be replaced.

    Sealing ring for clutch

    Steps to replace sealing ring

    Steps to replace sealing ring

    1. Remove the sealing end cap.
    2. Remove the fixing bolts.
    3. Knock of the outermost sealing ring.
    4. Remove the sealing ring fixing buckle.
    5. Remove the innermost sealing ring.
    6. Apply sealing oil to the sealing ring.
    7. Install the sealing ring fixing buckle.
    8. Put the new seal back into the water exchanger.
    9. Install the magnetic powder clutch.
      Pay attention to the location of the drip hole.
    10. Reattach the retaining bolt.
      The position of the drip hole is at the same level as the red terminal.
    11. Install the end cover back and complete the replacement of sealing ring.

    You could watch the video below to know more about water-cooled magnetic powder clutch sealing ring replacement. What’s more, ATO has 6Nm, 25Nm, 50Nm, 100Nm, 200Nm, 400Nm magnetic particle and powder clutch for your choices, shop now!

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