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    Electromagnetic Brake and Clutch Price List

    Electromagnetic clutch is an electromagnetic machine that uses the principle of electromagnetic induction and the friction between internal and external friction plates to make two rotating parts in a mechanical transmission system. The driving part can be combined with or separated from it without stopping the rotation of the driving part. A connector is a self-executing appliance. The electromagnetic clutch can be used to control the starting, reverse, speed regulation and braking of machinery. It has a simple structure, fast action, small control energy, and is convenient for remote control. Although small in size, it can transmit large torque. When used as brake control, it has the advantages of rapid and smooth braking, so the electromagnetic clutch is widely used. It is widely used in various processing machines and mechanical transmission systems.

    Electromagnetic brake A mechanical part that stops or decelerates moving parts in a machine. Commonly known as brakes. The brake is mainly composed of a brake frame, brake parts and a control device. Some brakes are also equipped with an automatic adjustment of the brake clearance. In order to reduce the braking torque and structure size, the brake is usually installed on the high-speed shaft of the equipment, but large equipment with high safety requirements (such as mine hoists, elevators, etc.) should be installed on the low-speed shaft near the working part of the equipment on.
    Electromagnetic clutch and brakeATO Electromagnetic Brake and Clutch List
    We've listed electromagnetic brake and clutch prices for your reference, they all at great prices. For more infomation, please go to the electromagnetic brake and clutch products page.

    Name SKU Price Static Torque Rated Voltage
    Electromagnetic Brake, 6Nm/200Nm ATO-FBD-006 $110.69 6Nm DC 24V
    ATO-FBD-015 $144.69 15Nm
    ATO-FBD-025 $170.69 25Nm
    ATO-FBD-050 $210.69 50Nm
    ATO-FBD-100 $280.69 100Nm
    ATO-FBD-200 $610.69 200Nm
    ATO-FBD-400 $1,107.69 400Nm
    Electromagnetic Brake, 15Nm/200Nm ATO-FBD1-006 $179.69 6Nm DC 24V
    ATO-FBD1-015 $236.30 15Nm
    ATO-FBD1-025 $273.84 25Nm
    ATO-FBD1-050 $397.69 50Nm
    ATO-FBD1-100 $568.60 100Nm
    ATO-FBD1-200 $699.69 200Nm
    ATO-FBD1-400 $1,493.69 400Nm
    Electromagnetic Brake, 25Nm/400Nm ATO-FBD2-006 $179.69 6Nm DC 24V
    ATO-FBD2-015 $236.30 15Nm
    ATO-FBD2-025 $273.84 25Nm
    ATO-FBD2-050 $397.69 50Nm
    ATO-FBD2-100 $568.60 100Nm
    ATO-FBD2-200 $699.69 200Nm
    ATO-FBD2-400 $1,493.69 400Nm
    Electromagnetic Brake, 50Nm/400Nm ATO-FBI-006 $209.23 6Nm DC 24V
    ATO-FBI-015 $246.23 15Nm
    ATO-FBI-025 $268.23 25Nm
    ATO-FBI-050 $446.23 50Nm
    ATO-FBI-100 $689.23 100Nm
    ATO-FBI-200 $964.84 200Nm
    ATO-FBI-400 $1,498.69 400Nm
    Electromagnetic Clutch, 100Nm/200Nm ATO-FCD-006 $154.68 6Nm DC 24V
    ATO-FCD-015 $211.29 15Nm
    ATO-FCD-025 $248.83 25Nm
    ATO-FCD-050 $372.68 50Nm
    ATO-FCD-100 $599.68 100Nm
    ATO-FCD-200 $811.91 200Nm
    ATO-FCD-400 $1,334.98 400Nm
    Electromagnetic Clutch, 200Nm/400Nm ATO-FCI-006 $209.23 6Nm DC 24V
    ATO-FCI-015 $246.23 15Nm
    ATO-FCI-025 $268.23 25Nm
    ATO-FCI-050 $446.23 50Nm
    ATO-FCI-100 $689.23 100Nm
    ATO-FCI-200 $964.84 200Nm
    ATO-FCI-400 $1,498.69 400Nm
    Electromagnetic Clutch, 6Nm/400Nm ATO-MCS1-006 $283.07 6Nm DC 24V
    ATO-MCS1-015 $301.53 15Nm
    ATO-MCS1-025 $356.65 25Nm
    ATO-MCS1-050 $446.15 50Nm
    ATO-MCS1-100 $818.46 100Nm
    ATO-MCS1-200 $1,083.07 200Nm
    ATO-MCS1-400 $1,646.15 400Nm

    Note: The prices in the table are just for your reference. If you want to get the latest quotation, please contact us now. Generally, it's cheaper than the price in the table.

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