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    How to Set VFD with Terminal Control?

    The VFD is a power control device that uses frequency conversion technology and microelectronics technology to control the AC motor by changing the frequency of the motor's working power supply.

    The common control methods of VFD are panel control, terminal control, and Modbus RTU control. The panel control is the simplest, only need to connect the power cable and motor cable, and set the parameters to control the speed and direction of the motor. The terminal control and Modbus RTU control methods are more complicated. The following will show you how to How to control VFD with push button switch/terminal control/wire control.

    Before the operation, the materials we need are ATO single-phase to three-phase VFD, AC contactor, switching power supply, relay, three-button box, miniature circuit breaker, three-phase asynchronous motor. These materials mentioned are available from

    Setting procedures

    • According to the principle of low voltage controlling high voltage, the relay is used to control the on and off of the main circuit.
    • Use external buttons to control VFD start and stop, forward and reverse.

    How to Set VFD with Terminal Control.

    How to Set VFD with Terminal Control.

    • External terminal control requires a custom terminal and COM port in FWD, REV, X1~X3, as well as two normally open buttons and one normally closed emergency stop button.

    How to Set VFD with Terminal Control.

    How to Set VFD with Terminal Control.

    • From the picture below we can clearly see that the main power is controlled by a relay.

    How to Set VFD with Terminal Control.

    • After the hardware circuit is completed, it is necessary to set the basic parameters of the motor, such as the frequency setting of the P0 group and the motor import setting of the PA group. In addition, three parameters need to be paid attention to:
    1. P0.03=1 (terminal control mode)
    2. P4.02=9 (X3 function selection, three-wire control mode)
    3. P4.08=2 (three-wire control mode 1)

    The above has been set the VFD positive control completely,  press the button to start the ATO VFD. For more information, please watch the following video carefully.

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