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    Industrial Camera for High Speed Image Capture

    In the visual inspection of industrial machine, there are usually projects requiring to capture the objects in high-speed movement. However, the ordinary industrial camera will probably problems of vague or deformed pictures, thus failing to reach the project requirements of the customers. At this time, high-performance industrial camera is required to solve such problems. Then, we will illustrate it by taking the high-speed image capturing of the industrial camera as an example.

    Let' s firstly take a look at the following two pictures.
    Industrial camera image capture

    From the above two pictures, it can be seen that the image presented by the industrial camera is not inclined even if the object is in high-speed movement. The object is not affected by the high-speed movement of the object. However, there is one point deserved to be noted: when taking pictures, the occurrence of the image blooming depends on the length of exposure time and the movement speed of the object. If the exposure time is too long, or if the movement speed of the object is too rapid, the blooming phenomenon will be generated. If the exposure time is too short, it is similar that the object in movement is frozen in an instant. Then the blooming phenomenon will seldom occur.

    Then how to select theĀ industrial camera for high-speed imaging? The following part will briefly illustrate it.

    1. Color requirement

    The industrial camera with rather good color restoration should be used to recover the color characteristics of the object. However, the black and white industrial camera or mono industrial camera shall be selected in conditions of having no color relevance. However, some characteristics to be inspected could be better manifested in color images. At this moment, the color camera can be considered to be used.

    industrial camera USB 3.0

    2. Exposure time

    The requirement should be met that the exposure time (Ts) of the object movement speed (Vp) is less than the allowable longest smear (S). When taking photos of the object with high speed movement, an extremely short exposure time is required to prevent from long trailing smear. It can be realized by adopting the industrial camera with rather good light sensitization.

    3. Frame rate index

    Frame rate refers to the quantity of the images captured by the camera in each second. Generally, it is decided by the image size and exposure time and so on. It is an important index of the camera. The frame rate of the camera must be guaranteed to take the pictures of two images with the shortest interval required by the system, otherwise, there will be probably phenomenon of frame loss, so as to have leak detection of some products.

    The above factors mainly affect the high-speed image capturing of the industrial camera. Other factors, such as lens interface, chip size almost have no reference values. They can be selected as the selection of the ordinary camera.

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