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    What are the Wiring Methods of DC Circuit Breaker?

    The DC circuit breaker itself has no polarity requirement in the use of +/- switching wiring. As for why polarity is marked on the product, it is for the following reasons. First, DC power supply is polar, and second, DC load is polar.

    DC circuit breakers are used to connect the two and provide protection against the load. If the polarity of the circuit breaker is not marked on the power distribution line, the power polarity of the load may be different from the requirement, and the load may not work properly or even be damaged. One of the characteristics of DC load is the requirement of power polarity. In the following, ATO industrial shop will introduce 3 wiring methond of DC circuit breaker.

    DC circuit breaker wiring

    Simply put, the air conditioning remote control commonly used at home cannot work if the battery installation direction is inconsistent with the instruction. The working power supply requirements of DC load are the same as this principle. Therefore, in order to standardize the wiring operation, provide reliable instructions and references for the distribution system, and ensure the correct and reliable power supply, it is very necessary to mark the polarity of the DC circuit breaker.

    1. Back-panel wiring. The advantage of connecting cables to the rear of the board is that when maintaining the DC circuit breaker, you only need to disconnect the front power supply instead of rewiring it. This kind of structure is very special, are equipped with special mounting plate and screw, in the installation must be strictly in accordance with the manufacturer's requirements to avoid affecting the normal use of the breaker.
    2. Plug in wiring. The advantage of plug-in wiring is that when the circuit breaker needs to be replaced, you only need to remove the old circuit breaker and replace it with a new one. It is faster and more convenient than before and after the board in operation. When installing with this method, ensure that the plug is securely fastened to reduce contact resistance and improve safety and reliability.
    3. Drawer type wiring. DC circuit breakers and other products in and out of the drawer by rocker for clockwise or counterclockwise rotation, in the main, the second circuit should be used in the insert structure. In this way, one machine can be used for both purposes, which not only saves the use cost, but also has great advantages in the convenience of operation and update maintenance.
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