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    DC Circuit Breaker: Definition, Working Principle, Function

    The topological principles of DC circuit breakers are complex and diverse. According to the different key on-off components in DC circuit breakers, DC circuit breakers can be divided into three types: mechanical DC circuit breakers, all solid state DC circuit breakers, and hybrid DC circuit breakers combining mechanical and solid-state switches.

    DC circuit breakers can also often appear in our lives. In the following, ATO automation will talk about basic information of DC circuit breaker.

    DC circuit breaker 4 pole

    What is DC Circuit Breaker?

    DC circuit breaker has first-class current limiting performance, can accurately protect relay protection and automatic devices from overload, short circuit and other faults. DC circuit breaker has the advantages of current limiting and arc extinguishing ability. After a lot of comprehensive scientific tests, it can realize the full selective protection between main (sub) screen, protection screen and relay screen in DC system below 3000Ah.

    Working Principle:

    DC circuit breaker working principleThe main loop consists of a lower connection bar supporting the contacts, an upper connection bar and silver-plated contacts. The closing device consists of a large canning magnet with a closing device. The magnet accommodates a moving core, contact pressure and spring, and a core reset spring. All of these components are mounted on the operating lever. The fork pulling unit is installed at the top of the operating lever. The overcurrent trip device consists of an armature composed of laminated sheets and a moving magnetic core connected to a spring-controlled lever that sets the setting value of the trip.


    Power system In power plants, substations and other large capacity, high voltage power system, DC system for relay protection, operation control, signal sound and accident lighting equipment to provide reliable power supply, DC circuit breaker as one of the most important components of the DC system, its stable and reliable operation will directly ensure the safety of the entire power system. The vigorous development of DC power information industry has ushered in the great development of communication power supply, UPS and other DC power supply industries. Base stations and data centers have mushroomed in China. In order to ensure the high precision requirements of DC power supply, DC circuit breaker, as the most important operation and protection component of the feed circuit at all levels of DC power supply, Its reliable selective grading coordination plays a very important role in protecting equipment and limiting the scope of accidents.

    Most DC power supplies are provided by high-power silicon rectifier devices. Due to their low overload capacity, silicon rectifier components have higher requirements for DC power grid protection components. Rapid analysis of DC special circuit breakers in rail transit important components. DC circuit breaker is one of the most important components in Marine power system and electric propulsion system. It protects the failure of the transformer and distribution system and electrical equipment, and takes a variety of protection to ensure the safety of the ship's power supply system and electrical equipment.

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