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    What Can a Soldering Gun be Used for?

    A soldering gun is one of the main pieces of equipment for hot air welding. The hand-held soldering gun has the characteristics of high efficiency, low heat input, low cost, and environmental protection of welding. Nowadays, soldering guns are widely used in many industrial fields. Next, ATO will introduce to you the applications, advantages, and principles of soldering guns.

    What is a soldering gun?

    The soldering gun is composed of heating elements, nozzles, etc. According to its structure, it can be divided into gas soldering guns, electric soldering guns, fast soldering guns, and automatic soldering guns. The soldering gun refers to the part that performs the welding operation during the welding process. It is a tool used for gas welding, which is shaped like a gun and has a nozzle at the front end, which emits a high-temperature flame as a heat source. It is flexible in use, convenient and fast, and simple in process.

    The gas soldering gun uses combustible gas (a mixture of hydrogen or acetylene and air) to heat the coil, so that the compressed air sent into the coil is heated to the required temperature, and the amount of air sent in or out is adjusted by the cock. The heating device of the electric soldering gun is composed of a ceramic groove tube and an electric heating wire in it, and the welding speed can vary with the structure of the nozzle. The fast soldering gun is made by improving the structure of the welding gun nozzle.


    Metal processing: Welding guns are widely used in the metal processing industry for welding, repairing, and manufacturing various metal parts.Internal heating handheld soldering gun

    Construction and manufacturing: Soldering guns can be used for some work in construction and manufacturing, including the manufacture of steel structures, aluminum alloy doors, and windows, automotive and mechanical parts, etc.

    Home DIY: Soldering guns can also be used by home users to do some simple DIY projects, such as repairing kitchen utensils or furniture.

    The soldering gun is used to hold the stud, lift it (ignite the arc), press it down, and deliver the welding current. The welding gun attachment also has a support bracket to ensure that the stud is perpendicular to the workpiece surface.

    When the diameter of the stud changes, the stud chuck of the corresponding diameter needs to be replaced, and the extension length of the connecting rod between the support frame and the soldering gun body can be adjusted to adapt to studs of different lengths. The action of lifting and pressing down the electrode (stud) of the soldering gun is completed by three main components: electromagnetic coil, iron core, and spring.

    The 100W electric soldering gun used in wire arc welding is similar to those used in gas-shielded arc welding with a metal electrode and comes in a variety of sizes, ratings, and styles. There are air-cooled and water-cooled soldering guns suitable for automatic and semi-automatic welding. Although the shielding gas that passes through the soldering gun is very cool and has a cooling effect on the soldering gun, the air-cooled soldering gun mainly relies on the heat dissipated in the surrounding air for cooling.

    In terms of type selection, the soldering gun is mainly selected according to the welding current and the shielding gas used. If the current is 500 amps or more, water-cooled torches are generally used, and the welding current used is less than 500 amps. Some welders still prefer water-cooled torches.

    Working principle

    The soldering gun uses the heat generated by the high current and high voltage of the welding machine to gather at the terminal of the soldering gun, melt the welding wire, and then the melted welding wire penetrates into the part to be welded. And the objects to be welded are tightly connected into one after cooling. The power of the soldering gun depends on the power of the welding machine and the welding material.Handheld solder gun usage introduction

    The welding effect of the soldering gun is qualified, with high safety, fast speed, and reliable performance. Moreover, the maintenance is simple, and the adjustment is convenient. At the same time, it has the advantages of saving electricity, saving steel, and a small investment in equipment. The soldering gun can easily complete the welding work of the two sets of flash welding and electric welding equipment, and its quality and benefit are better than the latter two sets of equipment.


    Low entry difficulty factor

    The 120W hand-held soldering gun uses a high-efficiency laser beam to locally heat the welding parts of the raw materials, so that the energy spreads to the interior of the raw materials through heat conduction, and the raw materials are melted to form a special molten pool to make the material parts welded.

    The welding raw material, thickness, and melting depth can be controlled by the chip, so the adjustment of parameters becomes relatively simple, and there is no such high requirement for the operator. For different welding scenarios such as vertical welding, inner fillet welding, outer fillet welding, and overlapping welding types, eight welding connectors can be configured. Different scenarios for easy operation.

    Welding high performance

    The weld seam of the handheld soldering gun is fish scale welding, and the output of the laser beam is very balanced, as long as you are familiar with the machine, no matter who gets started. The welded seams are the same, which greatly reduces the difficulty of getting started so that everyone can weld.

    High-efficiency welding

    An excellent hand-held soldering gun can be adjusted to increase the power to cooperate with the system and use the system to control the welding speed. When welding, the welding wire is sent out of the gun nozzle to push against the workpiece, and the work can be carried out by using the auxiliary thrust. You only need to lean the soldering gun on the workpiece to control the angle, and the welding wire will automatically push the soldering gun to move in the welding seam to complete the welding. The whole process of the soldering gun is smooth, and the efficiency is more than 3-5 times that of ordinary welding machines. The more skilled the action, the faster the speed.

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