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    How to Operate Soldering Gun Correctly?

    The soldering gun is one of the main equipment for hot air welding. Knowing how to use the soldering gun and precautions will help us master the operation process of the soldering gun more proficiently. Next, ATO will bring you knowledge about how to use welding guns and precautions.

    Safe Operating Procedures

    1. Before igniting the soldering gun, check the tightness of the connection and whether the nozzle is blocked. If there is a blockage, use a brass needle to clear it, and do not use a steel wire to clear it, so as not to enlarge the hole diameter or damage its edge.
    2. When the soldering gun is ignited, the oxygen valve should be opened first, and then the acetylene valve. Be careful not to point the soldering gun at people and equipment, ignite immediately, and then adjust the flame door to avoid backfire.
    3. Near the welder's working place, cold water should always be provided to cool the soldering gun.
    4. In the gas welding work, when the soldering gun is overheated and blocked, and tempered, the gas valve should be closed first and then the oxygen valve, and then the soldering gun should be immersed in cold water.
    5. The welder cannot put down the burning soldering gun, and the flame should be extinguished first if necessary.

    Take an acetylene soldering gun as an example60w automatic portable soldering gun

    The holding method of theĀ soldering gun is to hold the soldering gun in the right hand, place the thumb and forefinger at the oxygen regulating valve, and at the same time, the flow of gas can be adjusted at any time. When igniting the flame, the oxygen-regulating valve should be opened slightly first, and then the acetylene-regulating valve should be opened. The two gases are mixed in the soldering gun and then sprayed out from the welding tip. At this time, the welding tip can be ignited when it is close to the fire source.

    Take oxygen soldering gun as an example

    When using an oxygen soldering gun for the first time, it is recommended to use a sharper 30w or so soldering iron. The choice of welding wire can be determined according to what is to be welded. It is recommended to buy rosin for flux (you can find a small piece of rosin, and use high-purity alcohol to dissolve it into rosin. For small solder joints, you can find something to dip on the solder joints to make the solder joints more rounded).

    When starting to use, first determine the type of your soldering gun, whether it is an electronic ignition or an external fire source. If it is an external fire source, you must pay more attention to safety. First, open the gas valve of the gas soldering gun to the minimum, and then carefully ignite (the left-hand points the gas soldering gun upward, and the right hand ignites at the lower part of the gas soldering gun nozzle).

    The way to prevent the oxidation of theĀ automatic electric soldering gun tip is generally to make a new soldering iron. It is best not to solder for the first ventilation and wait until the heat can melt the tin wire before soldering. First, evenly coat a thin layer of tin layer on the soldering iron tip, let the tin layer protect the soldering iron tip from oxidation, and wait for it to cool before using it.

    Since the temperature of the weldment at the beginning of welding is low or matches the ambient temperature, in order to facilitate the formation of the molten pool, the inclination angle of the welding nozzle should be larger. And at the same time, the flame is moved back and forth during welding to ensure cooling at the stamping place. In order to control the heat of the molten pool and obtain high-quality welds, the welding tip and welding wire should rotate smoothly and in unison. After the joint and the finishing stamping stagnate halfway, and when welding and stamping are started again at the weld stagnation, the part that overlaps with the original weld is called the joint. When welding to the end of the weld, the process of finishing the stamping is called finishing.

    PrecautionsSoldering gun applications

    1. The air in the rubber hose should be removed before ignition.
    2. When the nozzle is blocked, the nozzle should be unscrewed and opened from the inside to the outside.
    3. The welding nozzle should not be stained with grease. When the temperature of the welding nozzle is too high, cooling measures should be taken.
    4. After the soldering gun is plugged in, do not touch the soldering gun head. If you accidentally touch it, it will burn and cause blisters, so you need to flush it quickly.
    5. There will be sundries on the torch head after using for a long time, and it needs to be cleaned with a cloth.
    6. When the soldering gun is placed on the soldering gun stand, do not touch the objects next to the stand.
    7. After using the soldering gun, you need to unplug it and wait for 10 minutes to cool down before putting it away.

    How to maintain a soldering gun?

    The application rate of laser soldering guns in the market is very common, and the main part of the soldering gun plays a very important role in the overall use process. Therefore, more attention should be paid to the maintenance of the soldering gun. The dimensions of specific maintenance can include the following points:

    1. The conductive tip of the laser soldering gun should be checked regularly to avoid dust blockage. Because the part of the contact tip will cause some wear and tear after working for a long time, which will cause the diameter of the contact tip to become larger. When the diameter becomes larger, our arc will be unstable, which will affect the appearance of the entire product, and the weld will appear to be stained with wire. Therefore, during the regular inspection of the laser soldering gun, if the contact tip is found to be damaged or worn, it needs to be replaced in time.
    2. Check the insulating ferrule frequently. The inspection of the insulating ferrule is relatively simple. If we want to protect the liquid from flowing out evenly, we must put the insulating ferrule on. If the insulating ferrule is found to be worn or damaged, remember to replace it in time.
    3. Regularly clean and replace the spring hose. The spring hose is an important part of the welding gun. During the processing, some iron powder and dust in the spring hose need to be cleaned regularly. Pay attention to the correct technique, because the spring hose is relatively fragile, so we can choose some softer brushes to put in the hose to gently sweep out the dust, or tap lightly to let some dust shake off or blow the dust away with the force of the wind.
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