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    What Can a Soldering Iron be Used For?

    A soldering iron is the most commonly used welding tool for electronic engineers. Using a soldering iron well will save us a lot of time in our work. Soldering irons are widely used in daily life and industrial fields, so do you know the applications of soldering irons? Let's find out together.

    Soldering iron basics

    Electric soldering iron is a common electric tool, mainly used for welding, soldering iron, pyrography, and other work. It is composed of a power supply, heating element, soldering iron tip and control circuit, etc. It can convert electric energy into heat energy through the power supply to heat the soldering iron tip, so as to realize welding, soldering iron, and other operations.

    An electric soldering iron is a necessary piece of equipment in the process of making and maintaining electronic equipment. It has the characteristics of small size, high-temperature stability, easy operation, and convenient use, so it is widely welcomed by people in the electronics industry. Electric soldering irons are generally used for welding copper-copper, copper-iron, iron-iron wire heads, or components. When welding, rosin or special flux should be used, which is generally difficult to use for welding aluminum parts.

    Types of soldering iron130w digital soldering iron

    In the early days, electric soldering irons welded many things, such as bowls, pots, basins, etc., but now they are mainly used to solder electrical components, circuit boards, etc. If the iron bar is soft (that is to say, low carbon content), it is easy to weld; and if it is hard (high carbon content), it is not easy to weld. Simply put, the softer the better the welding.

    The main purpose of the electric soldering iron is to wield machine components and wires. According to the structure, it can be divided into internal heat type electric soldering iron and external heat type electric soldering iron. According to the function, it can be divided into electric soldering iron for welding and electric soldering iron for tin absorption. Power soldering iron and low power soldering iron.

    Internal heat soldering irons are smaller and less expensive. Generally, electronic soldering irons use 20W-30W internal heating electric soldering irons. Of course, there is a 50W external heating electric soldering iron to be prepared. The internal heating type electric soldering iron has higher heating efficiency, and it is more convenient to replace the soldering iron tip.

    The external heating electric soldering iron is composed of a soldering iron tip, a soldering iron core, a shell, a wooden handle, a power lead, a plug and other parts. Because the soldering iron head is installed inside the soldering iron core, it is called an external heating type electric soldering iron. The soldering iron core is the key component. It is formed by winding the heating wire in parallel on a hollow porcelain tube. The mica sheet in the middle is insulated, and two wires are drawn out to connect with the 220V AC power supply. There are many specifications of external heating electric soldering irons, commonly used are 25W, 45W, 75W, 100W, etc. The higher the power, the higher the temperature of the soldering iron tip.

    The internal heating electric soldering iron is composed of a handle, a connecting rod, a spring clip, a soldering iron core, and a soldering iron tip. Because the soldering iron core is installed inside the soldering iron head, it heats up quickly and has a high heat utilization rate. Therefore, it is called an internal heating type electric soldering iron. The commonly used specifications of internal heating electric soldering iron are 20W and 50W. Due to its high thermal efficiency, a 20W internal heating soldering iron is equivalent to a 40W external heating soldering iron.


    The use of portable soldering iron is very wide, here are a few uses:

    1. Apply in welding plastic products. The dual-purpose soldering iron to be soldered can be directly heated to fuse the soldered parts together.
    2. Used as a film bag closure. Grind the ferrochrome head into a knife shape, and use the outer packaging film of the cigarette box as heat insulation, so that the mouth of the film bag to be sealed can be sealed.
    3. All kinds of text digital hot stamping. Make a model on plastic and install it on the tip of the soldering iron, so that it can be used as a small hand-held electric heat stamping machine.
    4. Use as an electric mosquito repellent. Put the electric soldering iron on the iron frame, and put the electric heating mosquito repellent tablet on the hot shelf, the fragrance emitted by the mosquito repellent tablet will directly kill the mosquitoes to achieve the mosquito repellent effect.
    5. Use it as a warmer. Use a slate to cut a groove parallel to the slate, then put in the electric soldering iron, and then put the thermos cup on it.Soldering iron applications

    In addition to the above functions, soldering irons can be used for manufacturing and maintenance in the fields of electronics, electrical appliances, machinery, aerospace, and other fields.

    1. Electronic field: electric soldering iron can be used for soldering electronic components, and circuit boards, and repairing and refitting electronic products.
    2. Mechanical field: electric soldering iron can be used for welding metal parts, repairing mechanical equipment, etc.
    3. Automotive field: Soldering irons can be used for welding auto parts, repairing car bodies, etc.
    4. Aerospace field: Soldering irons can be used for welding aerospace components, repairing aircraft, etc.
    5. Home life: It can be used for repairing furniture, welding water pipes, pyrography, etc.

    Among DIY enthusiasts, electric soldering iron is an essential tool, which can be used to make various handicrafts, models, etc.

    The electric soldering iron is a very practical tool, it can help us do a lot of welding, soldering iron, pyrography, and so on. Whether in industrial production or in family life, electric soldering irons have a wide range of uses and are an indispensable tool.

    The electric soldering iron is suitable for welding small parts, because its heat cannot completely heat the metal surface when welding on a large metal surface, so in general, it can only be welded in a small area. In order to ensure the welding quality, the metal surface oxide should be removed as much as possible, and the welding should be made into a rough surface as much as possible to make the welding firmer. When using an electric soldering iron, if there is flux in the middle of the solder wire, there is no need to use special flux. Otherwise, the flux should be added to solder the item firmly.

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