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    What is Aerator Pump Used for?

    With the environmental awareness and aquaculture technology continues to progress this seemingly ordinary equipment, in fact, from environmental protection to agriculture, from sewage treatment to river and lake management, aerator pumps are everywhere. Below, let us follow the ATO Automation to further understand the main application scenarios of the aeration pump.

    Aerator pump product 


    Aerator pump as an oxygenation tool, through the injection of air into the aquaculture water body, to increase the dissolved oxygen content in the water, to ensure the normal growth and survival of fish and aquatic organisms, especially in the summer high temperature period, the aerator pump is used more frequently.

    On the one hand, in the high temperature sunny days, phytoplankton photosynthesis is very strong, will release a large amount of oxygen into the water body, however, in the fertilization of the water quality of the aquaculture pond, water transparency 20-30 cm deep, in the water body of the moderate layer due to the absence of light and photosynthesis is weak, so the role of the water aerator pump upward lifting of the water, in the boot can be formed in a vertical cycle of circulation flow. And on the other hand, the daytime sunlight strong, high temperature, evening thunderstorms frequently, a large number of lower temperature rainwater into the pond, making the surface layer of water temperature dropped sharply, the specific gravity of the rapid sinking, the lower layer of water due to the high temperature, specific gravity upward, the upper layer of higher dissolved oxygen water to the lower layer to temporarily make the lower layer of water dissolved oxygen, but will soon be consumed, so that the dissolved oxygen in the entire pond quickly reduced, easy to cause the fish floating head.

    In addition, the long sunny weather, pond water temperature is high, due to a large number of feeding, aquatic products at the same time will produce a large number of excretion, resulting in excessively fertilized water, poor transparency, more organic matter in the water, the upper and lower layers of dissolved oxygen cross, the lower layer of the "oxygen debt" is large, if the long term does not refill the new water, will result in the deterioration of the quality of the water, and caused by a lack of oxygen aquatic products floating head.

    Sewage Treatmen

    Harmful substances such as hydrogen sulfide can be produced in the water body or under anoxic conditions, causing harm to aquatic organisms and water quality. Then in the process of sewage treatment, according to the oxygen demand of the microorganisms involved in the action, it can be divided into two categories: Aerobic and anaerobic. Generally aerobic method is more suitable for lower concentration of sewage, such as domestic sewage.

    In the water treatment of environmental engineering, the more commonly used is the microbial explanation technology. Organic substances in the water body need to be degraded through the action of microorganisms, and sufficient dissolved oxygen helps these microorganisms to effectively decompose organic waste and reduce the accumulation of organic matter. Aerator pump plays an important role in the activated sludge method and biological contact oxidation method, using negative pressure to inhale air, and its pump impeller can mix the liquid and gas sufficiently, the aeration pump will provide the microorganisms with the oxygen needed by injecting air into the sewage to help them grow and reproduce, thus accelerating the decomposition of the organic matter to achieve the purpose of purifying the sewage, simplifying the sewage treatment procedure, improving the efficiency of sewage treatment, and greatly decoupled the space of sewage treatment.

    River and Lake Managemen

    Research shows that the lack of oxygen in the water body is an important reason for the black odor of the river, and the selection of appropriate oxygenation is an important technical link in the bioremediation of the black odor river. Dissolved oxygen in the water body mainly depends on the amount of oxygen released by algae in the water, atmospheric reoxygenation, biochemical oxygen consumption of organic pollution in the water body, oxygen consumption of the substrate and other factors, the increase of dissolved oxygen in the water body will help the microbial system of the water body to transform from anaerobic to aerobic, aerobic microbial system of establishment of algae to stimulate the growth of the river channel, and formation of the natural reoxygenation of the algae of the water body of the river channel mechanism, eliminating the black odor of the water body.

    The aerator pump creates water flow and promotes large-scale mixing and renewal of the water body, which helps to prevent localized hypoxia in the water body, promotes water flow, and facilitates the dispersion and dilution of pollutants. It also improves water quality, reduces the accumulation of harmful substances, promotes the growth of beneficial microorganisms, and ecological restoration of the water body, which increases the transparency of the water body to a certain extent, thus improving the ecological environment and landscape quality of rivers and lakes.


    In short, whether in the field of environmental protection, industry or agriculture, aerator pumps play an irreplaceable role. With the progress of science and technology and the development of society, the performance and efficiency of the aeration pump will be further enhanced, and its application in various fields will be more extensive, I believe that in the future there will be more application scenarios waiting for us to explore and discover.

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