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    What is an Air Diaphragm Pump Used for?

    Air operated diaphragm pumps are widely used in professional equipment and services for environmental protection engineering, medium and large food factories, sewage treatment projects, sewage reuse projects, papermaking, printing, electroplating and other industries. Aluminum alloy air operated diaphragm pumps can be used in many special occasions, even in harsh environments.

    Air diaphragm pump application

    Application of Air Diaphragm Pump in Printing Machinery Industry

    Since the 1990s, the printing machinery industry has developed by leaps and bounds, and has achieved periodic breakthroughs in quality, technology, variety, and quantity. The manufacturing technology has been greatly improved. It also pays attention to the mechatronics technology, and strengthens the matching of the pump valve, e-mail and motor point control components in the basic package. The one-way pneumatic diaphragm pump is an indispensable part of the ink circulation device. Missing accessories. Carton and plastic printing machinery has been equipped with pneumatic one-way diaphragm pumps since the mid-1990s to replace the electric diaphragm pumps that are prone to sparks and bubbles during work. Air diaphragm pump has the advantages of safety, energy saving and durability. Because it uses compressed air as the power source, there will be no sparks, static electricity or electromagnetic interference during the working process, and it is suitable for use in flammable and explosive occasions. The flow of the medium can be adjusted steplessly through the needle-type air valve on the water pump according to the needs of the printing press. After the diaphragm pump works, the ink is continuously circulated back and forth, which can effectively prevent the ink in the ink tank from crusting, and can improve the printing quality. The pump body and filter are made of alloy casting, and the parts inside the pump are all made of high quality corrosion-resistant materials. The diaphragm and corrosion-resistant ink delivery tube can be resistant to ketone, benzene, alcohol, grease and other solvents.

    Application of AODD Pump in Mechanical Galvanizing Process

    Air operated double diaphragm pumpCompared with the traditional process, the coating of mechanical galvanizing is uniform and bright, and the thickness of the coating can be controlled within 5~110 μM by metered feeding according to the requirements of environmental corrosion conditions, and the alloying of the coating is easy to achieve. Mechanical plating does not require a rectifier power supply like electroplating, nor does it require a heating device like hot-dip plating. The galvanizing process is carried out at room temperature, and there is no post-plating hydrogen embrittlement and no post-plating tempering softening. Corrosion resistance is comparable to electroplating and hot dip for the same thickness of part coating; and lower than electroplating and hot dip. Mechanical galvanizing is a new technology introduced in industrial applications in recent years, which can realize a clean production process and is a green surface treatment technology. In the process of mechanical galvanizing, a large number of glass beads and workpieces need to be added to the large stirring tank. The use of air diaphragm pumps can improve production efficiency. Mechanical galvanizing is to put the degreasing, wax and rust steel parts into a rotating copper plating at room temperature, add water and impact medium to form a fluid environment that plays the role of collision and grinding, according to the predetermined Zinc powder and chemicals are added to the thickness of the galvanized layer to form a galvanized layer on the steel surface under the combined action of physical and chemical adsorption and mechanical collision.

    Air Operated Diaphragm Pump for Conveying Latex

    In the process of papermaking using neutral sizing, it is necessary to add a small amount of AKD latex in the process flow, which is easy to decompose, and it is not suitable to use conventional centrifugal pumps for transportation during the addition process. The two paper machines were changed from the original acid sizing process to the neutral sizing process. The electric diaphragm pump was originally used. After more than a year of use, the following problems occurred in reverse: large flow fluctuation, difficult flow adjustment, high failure rate, etc., which have a great impact on the product quality of the diaphragm pump. For this reason, the stainless steel pneumatic diaphragm pump was born. The AKD latex is boosted by a plastic pneumatic diaphragm pump to 0.1~0.3mpa. After the pressure regulator is stabilized to reduce the pulsation, the flow change value is converted into a current signal through the annular tube flow transmitter. This current signal is input to the regulator. In the regulator, this signal intersects with the given value. After the difference is calculated by proportional and integral, the corresponding regulated current is output and input to the electrical converter. The electrical converter converts the current signal into a pneumatic signal to drive the pneumatic film-lined plastic regulating valve, adjust the opening of the valve, and then achieve the purpose of automatically controlling the flow. The photoelectric relay installed in the press section of the paper machine reflects the paper break condition, outputs a contact signal, and controls the opening and closing of the solenoid valve. When the paper is broken, the pneumatic pump temporarily stops working, so as to achieve the purpose of not adding AKD latex when the machine is stopped and the paper is broken.

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