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    What Should be Pay Attention to When Using Pipette?

    Pipette is a device for quantitative transfer of liquid, which is widely used in analysis and testing, chemistry and other fields and clinical diagnostic laboratories, oil analysis laboratories, pharmaceutical and chemical laboratories, environmental laboratories, food laboratories, a common tool. We commonly use manual adjustable pipette and electric points, specific also according to the different volume of liquid removal has many optional specifications.

    We not only need to know how to use the pipette, the most important thing is to know what to pay attention to when using it. In this article, ATO automation will give you a detailed introduction.

    Pipette use attention

    • Do not use pipette to blow and mix liquid.
    • Suction liquid must be slowly and smoothly release the thumb, can not be suddenly released, in order to prevent the solution inhaled too fast and rushed into the liquid extractor corrosion plunger caused by leakage.
    • In order to obtain high accuracy, the suction head of pipette needs to absorb the sample solution in advance, and then formally pipetting, because when the serum protein solution or organic solvent is absorbed, there will be a layer of "liquid film" on the inner wall of the suction head, resulting in a small amount of liquid discharge and error.
    • The liquid with large concentration and viscosity will produce errors. In order to eliminate the error, the compensation amount can be determined by the test. The compensation amount can be set by changing the reading window reading with the adjustment knob.
    • It is not advisable to tighten the single channel micropipette by repeatedly hitting the suction head. Long-term operation will loose the internal parts and damage the pipette.
    • When setting the range, take care to rotate to the desired range number clearly in the display window. Do not rotate the button out of the measuring range within the range of the multichannel pipette, otherwise the mechanical device will be stuck and the pipette will be damaged.
    • Do not use a large range pipette to remove a small volume of liquid, so as not to affect the accuracy.
    • The pipette is strictly prohibited to absorb highly volatile and corrosive liquid. (such as concentrated acid, alkali, organic matter, etc.)
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