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    Tag: single channel micropipette

    What Should be Pay Attention to When Using Pipette?

    Pipette is a device for quantitative transfer of liquid, which is widely used in analysis and testing, chemistry and other fields and clinical diagnostic laboratories. We commonly use manual adjustable pipette and electric points, specific also according to the different volume of liquid removal has many optional specifications. We not only need to know how to use the pipette, the most important thing is to know what to pay attention to when using it. In this article, ATO automation will give you a detailed introduction.

    What are the Key Points of Pipette Operation?

    Pipette also known as the single line pipette, is used to accurately remove a certain amount of liquid, is a common glass instrument in the laboratory daily inspection. In the content determination, the quality of pipette and the method of use have a great influence on the accuracy of the final data. In order to ensure the accuracy of the liquid volume and the reliability of the experimental results, we can pay attention to these aspects. In this article, we mainly introduce the key points when using pipette.

    How to Clean a Pipette?

    In order to ensure the accuracy and precision of the pipette, regular maintenance should be carried out according to the specific use situation. The pipette should be cleaned especially after removal of corrosive solvents. By simple cleaning and maintenance, the service life of the pipette can be properly extended. In this article, we will introduce the methods of pipette cleaning.