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    Why Does Drag Chain Have Built-in Spacers?

    The drag chain is a device that binds cables or wires or air pressure pipes and oil pressure pipes to facilitate their rotation and movement. Energy chains are used to carry and protect cables, hydraulic pipes, gas pipes and other medium pipes, and to regulate the movement of medium pipes to avoid mutual entanglement, twisting and damage. Drag chains are spliced ‚Äč‚Äčtogether by flexible unit chain links, and are widely used in platforms that require mobile power supply, such as: machine tools, construction machinery, welding and cutting equipment, electronics industry, logistics storage equipment, conveying equipment, injection molding industry, automobile manufacturing and other industries.

    Features of drag chain

    • The cable drag chain has high pressure and tensile load, good toughness, high elasticity and wear resistance, flame retardant, stable performance at high and low temperature, and can be used outdoors.
    • The cable drag chain has resistance, oil resistance, salt resistance, and certain acid and alkali resistance.
    • Long operating life.

    Drag chain

    Installation method of drag chain

    There are roughly five installation application methods for drag chain systems: overhead application, sliding application, vertical application, lateral application and slewing application.

    Reasons for the built-in spacer in the drag chain

    The running speed of the towline cable can reach up to 5 m/s, and the acceleration can reach up to 5 m/s. Its operating life can reach 5 million times of back and forth movement under the condition of abnormal rejection. drag chains have been widely used in CNC machine tools, electronic equipment, stone machines, glass machines, injection molding machines, robotic arms, lifting and transportation equipment, passive warehouses, etc. The plastic towline is made of reinforced nylon and has strong resistance to pressure and tension. This towline is similar to a tank chain and consists of flooded unit links, which can rotate freely between the links.

    Each unit link of the plastic drag chain is composed of three parts, which are the control board and the upper and lower covers. The nodes of each unit link of the drag chain can be disassembled at will, which greatly simplifies the difficulty in operation. After opening the cover, you can put cables, oil pipes, gas pipes, etc. into the drag chain. In addition, the engineering plastic drag chain can supply merge pieces, which can be merged and opened according to the space in the drag chain. The plastic towline has good toughness, high elasticity, wear resistance and flame retardancy, and can be used outdoors.

    Plastic towline cables have built-in spacers. Generally speaking, the function of plastic towline built-in spacers is to use their wide base to ensure maximum clamping force and safe chain link connection. We have special unilateral or narrow feet for quick installation and removal of separators. The purpose of the built-in spacers of plastic drag chains is to ensure maximum clamping force and safe chain link connection by means of their wide footings. In order to be able to install and remove the separators quickly, they all have special unilateral or narrow feet. Plastic towline is suitable for glass machinery, handling machinery, painting equipment, shoe-making machinery, chemical machinery, textile machinery, welding machinery, automatic welding system, plastic machinery and other equipment matching and maintenance. However, when purchasing, pay attention to matching the size of the plastic towline.

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