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    Why You Need a Surge Protection Device?

    When a current spike or voltage surge suddenly occurs in an electrical circuit or a communication line due to external interference like lightning, surge protection device (SPD) can conduct the shunt in a very short time, thereby avoiding the damage of the surge to other equipment in the circuit. It is an indispensable device for lightning protection in the electronic equipment. But some people are still wondering why we need it, or whether need it when we have other lightning protection device? The following FAQ will give your answer for "Why you need a surge protection device".

    1. We have not encountered the troubles caused by lightning strikes in the past. Do we need to consider surge protection?
    Lightning strikes are not the only cause of surges.
    Have you encountered a system failure that often occurs and cannot be explained?
    The failure of the system is not just because of the current unfavorable factors. The failure of electronic or electrical system is often due to the long-term, sustained damage caused by surges, and this damage is often not obvious at the beginning.

    2. At our place, not many lightning strikes take place. Why are there problems with the surges?
    It is not nearby or local lightning strikes that will cause the damage of the system.
    As the previous experience shows, the lightning strike at a height of one thousand meters can cause problems in our systems.
    In fact, lightning strike is not the only cause of surges. There are some other reasons such as: electrostatic discharge, transient overvoltage or overcurrent, the presence of power cables or high-power electrical equipment nearby, which can generate surges in the loop.
    Surge protection device SPD

    3. We have taken measures for direct lightning protection such as installing lightning rods. Do we still need a surge protection device?
    Lightning rods and other direct lightning protection systems can only protect buildings, but cannot prevent lightning waves from entering various electronic and electrical circuits inside the building. When the primary lightning protection device absorbs large lightning strike energy, there is still a part of energy transmitting to the equipment and system and the energy is quite large to them. Therefore, the next level surge protection device are needed to protect the sensitive equipment from the failure and system data loss.

    4. How to confirm whether it is necessary to install a surge protection device?
    You have to consider the associated losses caused by system failure and data loss, not just the cost of repairing and replacing equipment. Comparatively, installing a surge protection device is not a difficult thing.

    5. We have an UPS already. Do we still need to consider surge protection?
    The UPS is used to provide continuous and uninterrupted power supply for critical equipment. It can only eliminate small-scale voltage fluctuations and short-term power interruptions. It cannot handle severe transient voltage changes caused by lightning and other factors. In this case, the UPS itself often suffers the damage. Then, why not give another protection for your equipment, just installing an SPD?

    6. All of our signal loops are indoors. Why do we need to take measures for surge protection?
    Although the entire data circuit is installed next to the power circuit, or in the place close to the steel structure of the building and the lightning rod, the ground potential of the AC power supply of the communication interface equipment connected by the data circuit is seriously unbalanced, thus, the data communication interface is easily damaged.

    So, why not buy a suitable SPD to protect your power system from the lightning strike and transient overvoltage? provides 20kA, 40kA, 80kA, 100kA, 120kA etc. surge protection devices for your selection.

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