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    4 Tips for Using Water Cooled Magnetic Particle Brake

    1. Setting of the valve discharging the cooling water

    The water-cooled magnetic particle brake is out of service for a long time. If there is accumulated water in it, it will be harmful to the rust prevention and moisture-proof work. Therefore, please install a special drainage valve on the water supply side to discharge the accumulated cooling water. Especially when it is used in high altitude or cold environment, the cooling water will freeze easily during the stop of operation, which may cause the water pipe of water-cooled magnetic particle brake to be damaged or broken once again. Therefore, the rust produced in the cooling water pipe must be cleaned regularly.

    Magnetic particle clutch
    2. Setting of the water break protection return

    Even if the water-cooled magnetic particle brake stops supplying cooling water for a short time, it will easily cause the internal coil to burn or the consumption speed of magnetic particle to accelerate. Therefore, the setting of water cut-off protection return is very important, since it can prevent the internal burn, improve the service life of magnetic particle and reduce the frequency of magnetic particle replacement.

    3. Pay attention to the appearance of dewdrops

    If the water-cooled magnetic particle brake water pipe is excessively cold, dewdrops (water drops) will be generated around the water-cooled magnetic particle brake water pipe, and dewdrops will easily moisten the magnetic particles. Once the magnetic particle is moistened, the service life and characteristics of the magnetic particle will be greatly reduced.

    4. Other precautions

    • The temperature of the water used for cooling shall be the same as that of the room temperature, and the water supply shall be reduced when the operation frequency is less or the surface temperature drops below 50 ℃;
    • After the water-cooled magnetic particle brake stops working, the cooling water supply shall be stopped immediately;
    • Do not supply cooling water to the unused water cooled magnetic particle.
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