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    What are the Advantages of Magnetic Sweepers?

    Magnetic sweepers efficientl magnet small iron parts, screws, broken iron powder, etc. scattered in the work site to effectively ensure the cleanliness of the work, recycling of raw materials, clean up the work site, mainly used in factory workshops, foundries, machining plants, hardware tool factories, transformer manufacturing large parking lots, construction site closing cleanup, scrap iron purchase stations and other industries work site.

    magnetic sweepers applications

    Advantages of magnetic sweepers

    1. Suitable for use under various working conditions except for high temperature greater than 80°.
    2. The 36 inch magnetic sweepers can maintain the magnetic force for a long time, so it can be used for a long time.
    3. Magnetic field action surface directly to the ground, the removal rate is higher.
    4. Absorption of scattered small magnetic conductive parts, effectively guaranteeing operational safety.
    5. The absorbed raw materials can be recycled.
    6. Simple structure, exquisite and beautiful appearance.
    7. The connecting rod adopts convenient connecting design, which makes it more convenient and quick to unload the materials.
    8. Long time to maintain high field strength, a push and a pull is so simple magic.
    9. The product structure is simple, easy to use, fast.
    10. Internal movable magnetic system, the handle adopts ergonomic design, through the handle adjustment, unload the material lightly and quickly.

    Features of ATO magnetic sweepers

    36 inch magnetic sweeper Model ATO-MS36
    Dimension   36 inch
    Maximum Suction   20kg (45 lbs)
    Color    Silver
    Weight 20kg

    ATO's magnetic sweepers is mainly composed of magnetic roller, wheel, vehicle connecting rod (or handle), collection box, magnetic system adjustment plate and other parts.

    • The magnetic roller adopts movable magnetic system inside, made of rare-earth permanent magnetic material, with high suction force and no loss of magnetism for 30 years.
    • The vehicle connecting rod adopts convenient connecting design to ensure easy and quick installation and disassembly.
    • The collection box adopts large capacity design to ensure complete cleaning at one time and reduce the waste of working hours during the work.
    • With magnetic system adjustment plate, the angle of the magnetic system can be adjusted at will to suit the actual needs.


    1. Please use the product at 80 degrees Celsius to avoid demagnetization of the magnet.
    2. This product is not effective for non-conductive materials.
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