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    How to Choose a Magnetic Sweeper?

    Have you ever dropped a bunch of nails or screws in your yard and thought, "How can I find all these things?" Magnets to the rescue! Magnet cleaners use magnets to pick up ferrous materials like nails, screws , nuts and bolts. They are very useful in the house or workplace to help prevent punctures or damage to machines. But what should we pay attention to when we buy magnetic sweeper? I hope the following points can help you.

    Magnetic Sweeper vs. Traditional Sweeper

    Debris on warehouse or factory floors is inevitable in many industries. Falling metal such as nails, screws and filings must be continuously removed to keep employees safe, protect valuable equipment, reduce downtime due to flat tires, and maintain product standards. Magnetic sweepers are an excellent alternative to conventional sweepers that can remove metal debris in a fraction of the time, greatly reducing manpower. This allows for more efficient use of employee skills and abilities while maintaining a safe environment. Simple to use and easy to clean, magnetic sweepers are an obvious choice when it comes to keeping your industrial space safe from unsafe debris.

    How to Measure Pick Up Power of Magnetic Sweeper?

    In order to understand pickup ability to compare magnets, you need to know how we measure pickup ability and performance. We briefly introduce in this article. The weight form of the steel is very important. For example, a 50-pound nail is harder to "grab" than a 50-pound rebar. The rebar is flat and dense and can be very close to where the magnet's gauss strength is highest, allowing the magnet to "grab" more weight in the form of the rebar than in the form of a nail.

    Brief Introduction of Magnetic Sweeper

    Magnetic sweepers use the power of magnets to clean, they save you time. These machines are also known as magnetic brooms. You can use this sweeper to collect iron filings and scrap. These brooms are great for pulling any metal and steel parts. To name a few: staples, screws, iron filings, nails, nuts, shavings, pins, metal dust, barbed wire, etc.

    What are the Advantages of Magnetic Sweepers?

    Features of ATO magnetic sweepers

    • The magnetic roller adopts movable magnetic system inside, made of rare-earth permanent magnetic material, with high suction force and no loss of magnetism for 30 years.
    • The vehicle connecting rod adopts convenient connecting design to ensure easy and quick installation and disassembly.
    • The collection box adopts large capacity design to ensure complete cleaning at one time and reduce the waste of working hours during the work.
    • With magnetic system adjustment plate, the angle of the magnetic system can be adjusted at will to suit the actual needs.

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