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    How to Choose a Magnetic Sweeper?

    Have you ever dropped a bunch of nails or screws in your yard and thought, "How can I find all these things?" Magnets to the rescue! Magnet cleaners use magnets to pick up ferrous materials like nails, screws , nuts and bolts. They are very useful in the house or workplace to help prevent punctures or damage to machines. But what should we pay attention to when we buy magnetic sweeper? I hope the following points can help you.

    18 inch magnetic sweeper

    Handle Configuration:

    Pushing a magnetic sweeper is similar to pushing a mop or broom. Anyone who has ever mopped the floor will tell you that the height of the mop ultimately determines how your lower back feels when you're done cleaning. For a magnetic sweeper, which can be heavier than a broom or mop, it's especially important to consider the length of the handle.

    If the handle has a fixed length, you need to know if it is long enough for the person using it to hold it comfortably. Although more expensive, a sweeper with a telescopic handle is a smart choice for anyone planning to use the sweeper for extended periods of time. Not only are they easier to use, they are also more convenient for the body.

    Magnetic Power:

    Unless you have a very specific application in mind, you don't need to get bogged down in metrics related to the magnetic power of any particular sweeper. But you'll want to know if the sweeper of your choice is powerful enough to pull metal from where you want to sweep. For example, a cleaner who can clean hardwood floors doesn't necessarily have the ability to pull nails out of tall grass.

    Also, if you're dealing with a lot of metal, then what you want to consider is the ultimate load carrying capacity of the sweeper magnet. For smaller cleanups, a 1 pound capacity is enough to pick up loose debris. But for larger cleanups, 10 pounds is necessary to help reduce the number of dumps.

    Build Quality:

    If you plan to use a magnetic sweeper for more than a few hours, the quality of the build is something to be concerned about. Wheel treads may or may not be used to handle smooth or rough terrain. The threads that hold the handle to the base are prone to fraying. The handle itself may be too heavy or made of flimsy aluminum that feels like it's ready to flex in your hand. Finding the balance between high-quality materials and high-quality construction takes a lot of hands-on time with a heavy duty magnetic sweeper.

    There many types of magnetic sweeper, offers many models of high quality magnetic sweeper, such as 18", 24", 30" and 36" magnetic sweeper. It can pick up nails in yard, factory, road, lawn, beach, parking lot, etc. Looking forward to your contact.

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