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    AC Servo Drives Troubleshooting

    The servo driver is a controller used to control the servo motor. Its function is similar to the frequency converter. It is used for ordinary AC motors. It is a part of the servo system and is mainly used in high-precision positioning systems. Generally, the servo motor is controlled by three methods of position, speed and torque to achieve high-precision positioning of the transmission system. In order to ensure the normal operation of the equipment, it has become a very important task to judge the fault in time and deal with it in time. Here we will introduce the analysis and troubleshooting of the AC servo motor driver.

    How to Install and Wire AC Servo Drive Safely?

    AC Servo drive is a controller used to control servo motors. Today, more and more users have it. ATO AC servo drives are widely used in automation equipment such as industrial robots and CNC machining centers. The following introduces how to install and wire the AC servo drive correctly.

    How to Unlock the Timing Lock of a Servo Drive?

    Servo lock is essentially a braking mode. When the servo motor driver selects the speed control mode, closed-loop position control cannot be performed. Therefore, the stop position of the servo motor is random, and there is no holding torque after stopping. At this time, If there is an external force (such as gravity) on the load, it may cause the servo motor to move and deviate from the stop point after it stops.