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    Difference between Fiber Optic Sensor and Photoelectric Sensor

    Optical fiber sensor is an amplifier-separated photoelectric sensor. There are also through-beam type, retro-reflection type and diffuse reflection type in optical fiber sensor. The function of fiber optic sensors is somewhat similar to that of photoelectric sensors, which can detect the presence of objects from a long distance. The difference is that the size of the optical fiber sensor is smaller than that of the photoelectric sensor, and the spot diameter is much smaller than that of the photoelectric sensor.

    How to Setup Fiber Optic Sensor?

    Fiber optic amplifier can be used as a type of beam or diffuse sensor. The combination of fiber amplifiers and fiber sensing can meet the induction requirements of complex and variable industrial automation systems. Optical fiber can be easily integrated in space limited places to solve the problem of difficult signal collection; Fiber optic sensor can process signals with high precision and convert different information to output to automatic systems.

    What is the Fiber Optic Sensor?

    What is the fiber optic sensor

    Fiber optic sensor is a medium that transmits light waves by the principle of complete internal reflection of light, it consists of a core and cladding with a high refractive index. The refractive index of the cladding is smaller than that of the core, and its diameter is about 0.1mm~0.2mm. When the light penetrates into the fiber core through the end face and reaching the interface with the cladding, the light is reflected back to the fiber core due to the complete internal reflection of the light. After constant reflection, the light propagates along the fiber core and has only a slight attenuation. In actual detection process, the fiber optic sensor guides the light emitted by the transmitter to the detection point through light-guide fiber, and then guides the detected optical signal to the receiver through light-guide fiber, the detection is thereof realized. According to the different manner of execution, the fiber optic sensor can also be divided into various types, such as opposite type, diffuse reflectance type. Fiber optic sensor can detect objects in the far area. Due to the fiber loss and fiber dispersion, the intermediate amplifier shall be set at a proper position for long-distance fiber transmission system, so as to process and amplify the attenuated and distorted light pulse signals.