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    Tag: harmonic drive gearbox

    RV Reducer vs. Harmonic Drive Gearbox

    Compared with general-purpose reducers, precision reducers for industrial robots require short drive chains, small size, high power, light mass and easy control. A large number of reducers used in articulated robots are mainly RV reducers and harmonic drive gearboxes.

    Why is Harmonic Drive Gearbox Used for Robots?

    Industrial robots are widely used in the automotive industry, electrical equipment manufacturing, food processing machinery manufacturing and other industrial chain manufacturing, with the increase in the cost of manual services, the development trend of intelligent robots to replace manual services is becoming more and more significant, and the advantages of good consistency of goods manufactured by intelligent robots, high precision of assembly lines are also increasingly suffering from the high attention of manufacturers.

    What are the Advantages of Harmonic Drive Gearbox?

    Strain wave harmonic drive gearbox is mainly composed of four basic components: a wave generator, flexible gear, flexible bearing and rigid gear. A harmonic reducer is a kind of gear transmission that relies on the wave generator assembled with flexible bearings to produce controlled elastic deformation of the flexible gear and meshes with the rigid gear to transmit motion and power. The advantages of the harmonic drive gearbox are explained in detail below.