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    RV Reducer vs. Harmonic Drive Gearbox

    Compared with general-purpose reducers, precision reducers for industrial robots require short drive chains, small size, high power, light mass and easy control. A large number of reducers used in articulated robots are mainly RV reducers and harmonic drive gearboxes.

    What is a Gearbox?

    The gearbox needs to withstand the force from the wind wheel and the reaction force generated by the gear transmission, which requires that the gearbox must have sufficient rigidity to withstand the force and torque, prevent deformation, and ensure the transmission quality.

    Gearbox Troubleshooting

    The gearbox system includes gears, driveshafts, bearings and box structures. Among them, the box structure plays a supporting and sealing role in the whole system, and the probability of failure is very low. Therefore, in the gearbox, the failure mainly occurs in the gear, transmission shaft and bearing. According to statistics, gear, shaft and rolling bearing failures account for more than 90% of gearbox failures.

    Gearbox Buying Guide

    Gearbox is an important part widely used in the rotation of the system. It consists of two or more gears, including at least one drive gear with a certain diameter, and one smaller gear connected to the drive mechanism (electric motor, wind turbine, diesel generator, and so on).