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    When does a Servo Motor Combine with a Gear Reducer?

    In modern industrial equipment, particularly when using in the high precision conditions, the servo motor technology is developed into high torque density, as a result, the rotation speed may be up to more than 3000 rpm. With the improvement of rotation speed, power density of servo motor is also greatly improved, that means whether a servo motor needs to be matched with a reducer gearbox is mainly determined by the application need and the cost. In following application conditions, a servo planetary reducer gearbox is needed.

    Planetary Speed Reducer Installation Guide

    The correct installation, use and maintenance of the planetary speed reducer & gearbox are important parts of guaranteeing the normal operation of the machine and equipment. How to install the motor to the planetary gearbox properly? Here are some tips for your reference.

    Planetary Speed Reducer Gearbox Selection Guide

    In the family of gearboxes, the planetary speed reducer or gearbox is widely used in transmission systems such as servo motors, stepper motors and DC motors due to its small size, high efficiency, wide deceleration range and high precision. In the premise of ensuring the precision transmission, it is mainly used to reduce the speed, increase torque and reduce the inertia ratio of the loads or motors. Thus, how to choose a right planetary speed reducer or gearbox to fit a motor?

    Planetary Speed Reducer Working Principle and Applications

    The planetary speed reducer or gearbox is a kind of transmission mechanism. It utilizes the speed transducer of the gearbox to reduce the turnover number of the motor to the required one and obtain a big torque. How does a planetary gearbox work? We can learn more about it from the structure. The main transmission structure of the planetary gearbox is planet gears, sun gear and ring gear.